A little Introduction….

Welcome to the Dining Underground.  No, it’s not some sort of secret society (although that would be cool), just going undercover to find the best eats OC has to offer.  But first let me tell you a little bit about me.

I wasn’t always a foodie.  In fact, I’d say my foodie-ness really just emerged in the past year or so while living in Los Angeles.  Being someone who also has a variety of food allergies, I’ve had to get creative on some of my foodie adventures, making it even more of an interesting challenge.

LA has been slowly catching up to Chicago and New York when it comes to foodie culture, and it’s definitely safe to say LA has been leading the food truck revolution.

But this blog isn’t about the LA food scene.  You see, I just recently transplanted back to Orange County after an 8 year stint in LA with a new job, new apartment, and new perspective on food.  OC may not be known for it’s foodie-ism, but I know it’s there.  You just have to go underground a bit to find it.  And thus begins the Dining Underground as I try to discover OC’s eating gems one bite at a time.

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