Lucca. Just Lucca.

Lucca.  My new obsession.  I don’t think I felt such a kindred spirit to a restaurant since Mani’s Bakery or Joan’s on Third in LA which are both vastly different from Lucca. 

But there’s something about Lucca that is just plain special, and my new neighborhood spot.  The fact that Lucca serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has an amazing take out menu doesn’t hurt either.

In case you didn’t know, Lucca is in the central region of Italy, near Tuscany, so all of the food served at Lucca (the restaurant) has that delightful Tuscan feel.  For breakfast (weekends only) the restaurant is transformed into a casual bistro cafe, and for dinner it has a more elegant European feel.

I’ve only dined at Lucca for breakfast a couple of times, but the Eggs Lucca or Eggs in Purgatory are must haves, and I have been eyeing the Pain Perdu French Toast to try next time.

Starters include a chartecurie board served with Italian meats and cheeses, and a to die for olive tapenade on thin crostinis.  I think I could just eat the starters with a nice glass of wine and call it a night.

Then there are the main courses.  In true European tradition, these dishes are small plates that are the perfect amount to leave you feeling satisfied but not overly full.  Take note American restaurants, this is how it’s done.

 Main courses include succlulent lamb or shrimp skewers with hummus, kobe beef sliders, or john dory with spinach and potatoes.  My mouth just waters thinking about it.  I’ve got the Lucca bug and I’ve got it bad.

And so ends my love letter part 1 to Lucca.  Part 2 to commence soon with an ode to dessert.  And pictures.  Lots of pictures.

Lucca Cafe
6507 Quail Hill Parkway
Irvine, CA 92603

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