The Dining Underground gets a makeover

Happy New Year All.  You may have noticed a few changes over at The Dining Underground, namely a new url and name: Sweet Potato Bites.  So why the change?

As much fun as the name The Dining Underground is, it wasn’t really reflecting the heart and soul of this blog.  Sure, I love to go “underground” and discover those lesser known places and write about them (and plan to still do so!) but I also love things that aren’t so “underground” such as trying out new recipes, enjoying a mainstream restaurant here and there, and looking for delicious and nutritious eats.  I still plan to uncover all the best eats Orange County and beyond has to offer, but I also want to throw in some other fun stuff as well.  Enter Sweet Potato Bites.

I love sweet potatoes, and I love trying new “bites” so really it only made sense to call the blog Sweet Potato Bites right?  I thought so.

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