The One with the Argentine Food Truck

Back in my L.A. days, food trucks were a dime a dozen.  Every afternoon they could be found lined up and down Wilshire Blvd. just waiting to serve hungry office works eager to escape their cubicles for a brief breath of fresh air.  While Orange County also has food trucks and designated food truck stops, none of them were ever near where I work.  Until now.

Since the company I work for is pretty awesome, they decided to rent out a food truck for our office day o’ fun.  The truck of choice?  Piaggio on Wheels.

I had heard some good things about Piaggio on Wheels and liked the fact that it was not only a Chimichurri Truck specializing in Argentine cuisine, but it was also a food truck I had never tried before.  Because this was a company event we had a special menu to select from, but that didn’t matter too much since it all looked delicious.

Chef Piaggio is known for his empanadas, so I decided to go with the Caprese Empanada made with Mozzarella and Tomato, the Chicken and Vegetable Empanada, the Chicken Quesadilla, Chimichurri Fries and the Dulce de Leche Churros.  The Argentine Sausage Sandwich also looked tempting but I decided to stick with my order.  A few of my coworkers ordered the Argentine Sausage Sandwich so I figured I could steal a bite if the urge struck.

Then it was time to feast.  And I do mean feast.  Each of us got at least 3 baskets loaded with Argentine food goodness.  I decided to start with the Chicken Quesadilla with chimichurri sauce.

*Note:  All photos were taken with my iphone so apologies for the blurry pics.

Oh my cheese (and sauce).  The quesadilla was loaded with cheese and you could definitely taste the chimichurri.  It was gooey and messy but also quite delicious.  I do wish there had been a little less cheese and a little more chimichurri, but other than that it was good.

Next up was the Caprese Empanada.  I was a little skeptical about tomatoes, mozzarella and basil in empanada form, but it actually ended up being my favorite of all the items I tried.  It just worked.  The chicken empanada was a bit of a disappointment – I think I was looking for more chicken and less vegetables.  This was also about the time I wished I had ordered the Argentine sausage sandwich instead of the chicken empanada.  Live and learn Allison, live and learn.

The chimichurri fries were nothing too exciting – just fries with chimichurri sauce on the side.  I did like how they put the sauce on the side so you could either dip your fries in the sauce (like I did) or dump them over the fries.

Last but not least it was time for the churro.  The churro was alright.  It could’ve used some more crunch and some more cinnamon and sugar.  But by this point I was so full of empanada, fries and quesadilla that I just had a few bites and called it a day.

My overall opinion of Piaggio on Wheels?  They definitely have some really, really good dishes like the Caprese Empanada that I would for sure order again.  I’d also order an Argentine Sausage Sandwich next time too since it seems to be a speciality.  As far as food truck fare goes, Piaggio on Wheels is definitely one of the better ones out there.  The menu is unique and the food tastes nice and fresh.  I’ll definitely be back.

Want to find out if Piaggio on Wheels is rolling near you anytime soon?  Follow them on twitter @piaggioonwheels.

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