Pamela’s Products Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone that entered the Pamela’s Products Giveaway!  The two winners selected at random are below:

Janice: I’m looking forward to trying the oat raisin walnut spice bar!

Diana G: I have so many favorite GF products. I love Joan’s Italian loaf, so good and crusty bread. I love Whole Foods Bakery GF muffins, especially the lemon poppyseed. I love Udi’s whole grain bread for everyday use. I love Prima Pasta’s new GF 4 cheese ravioli. They’re so good.  I’ve love to try these new Pamela’s bars. thanks.

Congrats Ladies! Please check your email for information on redeeming your Whenever Bars!

To everyone else that entered – please check out the Whenever Bars at your local Health Foods Store (Whole Foods is a good bet) and do give them a try!  They are definitely a great snack.

Thanks again to everyone that participated!

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