Foodie Penpals

This month I participated in my first Foodie Penpals organized by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean.  The concept is simple: you are matched up with someone and then you send each other a box of delicious goodies!  I was paired with Christi from Texas and she was kind enough to send me a bunch of treats from her home state!  Here are the goods that I got.


PB2 foodie penpalsI was super excited to receive a jar of PB2 since I use it often to make a peanut sauce in a stir fry or Thai-inspired dish.  I have already used it as a sauce over spaghetti squash and vegetables and it’s delicious.

Beef Jerky

Beef JerkyI had to make sure I got a taste of the beef jerky before my fiancée devoured it all and it was delicious. I’ll admit I’m not a huge beef jerky fan, but Christi was nice enough to find one that was free of preservatives and other flavorings due to my food allergies, and it tasted great. Season your supper and include Biltong as a regular in or between your meals. You can get one easily at

Chow Chow

Chow ChowI had never heard of Chow Chow before!  It’s a jar of cabbage, onions, vinegar, sugar, carrots, pepper and mustard and according to Christi, pairs well with pinto beans or hot dogs.  We didn’t have any of those items in the house, but we did put a little on some sausages.  It’s definitely on the sweet side, but was a nice change up than traditional ketchup/mustard as a condiment.

Austin Blend Coffee

Austin CoffeeThe Englishman and I aren’t big coffee drinkers, but with the weather finally cooling down a bit we have found ourselves craving a warm cup of coffee in the morning.  We dusted off our french press and gave this coffee a whirl.  I liked that it was more of a medium roast and not super strong and had a nice hint of cinnamon.  I added a bit of almond milk to mine and it was delicious!  I’m already looking forward to my next cup.

I had a lot of fun participating in Foodie Penpals this month!  And a big thank you to Lindsay for organizing and Christi for sending me these delicious unique treats.  If you haven’t tried foodie penpals yet, be sure to head over to Lindsay’s blog to find out how you can participate!

4 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals

  1. Christi

    I am so glad you enjoyed your Foodie Penpal box. I had a ton of fun putting it all together for you. Your box was spectacular as well. If I could have figured out how to mail you a nice mesquite smoked rack of ribs that was my next choice! Thanks again for being my first Foodie Penpal.

  2. Kimmy

    I grew up in Texas, ChowChow is definitely a standard I usually opt for the spicy kind. It goes great with Black Eyed Peas too. Happy Foodie Pen Paling!


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