Dana Point Turkey Trot Healthy Thanksgiving Menu

The Dana Point Turkey Trot has been Orange County’s most popular turkey trot for the past 36 years, and it’s a race I have run twice.  This year the organization has teamed with Moms in Charge and Salt Creek Grille to provide the official Dana Point Turkey Trot Healthy Thanksgiving Menu for runners.

Dana Point Turkey Trot FoodInstead of eating sugar-laden dishes after a healthy morning of running, you can reference the Dana Point Turkey Trot Healthy Thanksgiving Menu for delicious recipes that will be a hit around the dinner table.  In addition to the menu, the Moms in Charge team has a couple of healthy dinner prep tips which include:

  • Choose an organic, free-range turkey without added hormones or antibiotics.
  • Instead of refined sugar, sweeten your dishes with honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.
  • Use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil.  Coconut oil is one of the healthiest “good fats.”
  • Use fresh cranberries and veggies instead of canned.  Fresh tastes better!
  • Use sweet potatoes (my fave) instead of white potatoes and mash them with coconut milk.

I know I’ll personally be applying these ideas to my Thanksgiving dinner with my family, especially when it comes to fresh ingredients.  Nothing tastes better than fresh cranberry sauce I promise!

So why all the talk about the Dana Point Turkey Trot?  Well after a two-year hiatus, the I’m returning to run the 10K this year! (full disclosure: The Dana Point Turkey Trot is covering mine and the Englishman’s race entries)

I’m excited to run the 10K race course again and hopefully get some redemption from the last time I ran it.  Plus, the energy around this race is so fun that it’s nearly impossible not to have a good time while running it.  There’s still time to sign up, so come join me for a fun way to kick off your Thanksgiving holiday.

How are you making your Thanksgiving healthier this year?  Share your tips in the comments!


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