Spring Reset Week One

So last week, I announced the Spring Reset which is essentially the The 21-Day Sugar Detoxcreated by Diane Sanfilippo.  I decided I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences on the blog, so here is the Spring Reset Week One recap.

I went into the spring reset wanting to clean my diet up a bit.  I already eat pretty clean as it is, but I just wanted to reign in my wine drinking and cheese consumption.  This is actually the longest I’ve ever gone without dairy (with the exception of a minor slip up on Saturday), which is a pretty big deal for me.  I actually had a DREAM about eating a delicious cheese platter mid-week and woke up craving cheese like no other.  Thank goodness this will be over by the time I go to France!  And while I do miss my glass of wine, I do feel pretty fancy with some frozen fruit and sparkling water in a wine glass.

spring reset week oneOther observations of note:

  • Not having fruit is hard for me.  The 21 Day Sugar Detox states NO fruit except green tipped bananas and green apples.  I’ve been having a banana in my smoothies, and I’m not the biggest apple fan and miss my berries like crazy.  I do eat a ton of fruit so it’s a good practice in moderation, but I can’t wait to have strawberries and blueberries back in my life.
  • I don’t miss grains as much as I thought I would.  I already eat a very primal-inspired diet so eliminating my gluten-free bread hasn’t been a HUGE deal, and when I want something carb-y I go for one of the coconut/almond flour recipes from the 21 DSD book.
  • It’s expensive!  I already eat a ton of meat (#carnivore), but with the elimination of dairy and fruit as some of my go-to snacks, I’ve been turning to meat more and more.  I love meat as much as the next girl, but I’m pretty sure the people at Sprouts know me by name now.
  • I miss dairy.  I really like having some Greek yogurt or string cheese as an afternoon snack, and I miss that.  However, Greek yogurt doesn’t always sit the best in my stomach, so maybe it’s better I take a break from it for a bit.  I did accidentally have a bit of dairy in the form of some whey protein in my smoothie and sour cream in some mashed potatoes, but the potatoes were too damn good to pass up.
  • I’m having fun creating new recipes!  The other night I made chicken in an almond butter sauce, and the Englishman and I grilled some salmon over the weekend.  Now granted, a glass of rose would’ve been nice with the salmon but I digress.

spring reset salmonOverall it’s been an interesting experiment and while my digestion still isn’t 100% yet, I’m hoping that will improve as I head into week two.  I should also note that I am following the “energy modifications” in the program since I do workout a lot/do crossfit, and making sure to get plenty of starchy veggies in the form of sweet potatoes, butternut squash and red potatoes.

On to week two!

4 thoughts on “Spring Reset Week One

  1. Natalie @ In Natalie's Shoes

    Wow, you’re doing a great job of sticking with it! And I can definitely relate to dreams causing more cravings.. If I give up something for a while (booze, chocolate, cheese, etc.) I always have dreams about that food/item and want it even more. Keep up the good work!


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