The Best Coffee in Costa Mesa

When I was in France, I developed a bit of a keurig pods drinking habit.  I figured the habit would disappear once I returned home, but I found myself craving a nice cup of coffee every morning.  Since I have the flexibility to work from home, a lot of my client meetings take place in little cafes and coffee shops which led me to begin my quest to find the best coffee in Costa Mesa.

One of my clients, Taste of Paleo (did you get your tickets yet?) was game to try my new endeavor, and we began meeting at various local coffee shops to determine who had the best brew. While there are still many more coffee shops to explore, I wanted to share the three places I consider to have the best coffee in Costa Mesa.

1. Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee

sidecarcoffeeLike there was even a question that this place would be on my list.  I always order the same thing when I come in: large drip coffee with steamed almond milk.  The place is always packed, everyone is incredibly friendly and there’s a smell of freshly baked doughnuts wafting through the air.  What’s not to love?

2. Outpost Kitchen

best coffee in costa mesaOutpost Kitchen is tucked away in a small industrial park in Costa Mesa and serves a variety of gluten-free, paleo and vegetarian dishes.  Their Four Barrel Coffee is excellent, and I often pick up a paleo bar or two as well.  Plus they have free wi-fi which is an added bonus

3.  Chocxo Coffee and Chocolate

best coffee in costa mesaI’ll admit, it wasn’t love at first sip at Chocxo, but their coffee quickly grew on me.  I also love their selection of bean to bar chocolate and the mellow vibe.  It’s a great place to pop in and get some work done without the hustle and bustle of a Starbucks (better tasting coffee too!).

So those are my three top coffee places (so far).  Where should Taste of Paleo and I venture next?

3 thoughts on “The Best Coffee in Costa Mesa

  1. Karla @ Foodologie

    Oooh I hadn’t heard of Outpost Kitchen.
    As a coffee lover, I’m always partial to my own home-brewed coffee. But I thought the coffee at Sidecar was awesome (ahh that was our first friend date, remember?!?!). Portola Coffee Lab in the OC Mix also had good coffee (and a cute space to sit and work). Definitely recommended. I never got around to trying Kean Coffee but everyone raves about it.

    Also, not straight up brewed coffee but 85 Degrees Bakery did a salted coffee that everyone raved about (it’s like iced coffee with milk). I didn’t love it, but I’m a coffee purist.

    1. allie@sweetpotatobites Post author

      Next time you are in town we will go to Outpost! (it’s not that far from where you used to live in CM). And perhaps recreate our friend date at Sidecar too 😉

      I like Portola a lot – the past few times I’ve been there it’s been super crowded but their coffee is sold. Kean is good too but very strong.

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