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Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie.  Yes, the name sounds weird but when combined with a few other ingredients this smoothie is delicious and packed with omega 3’s and antioxidants.  I make this blueberry avocado smoothie pretty much every weekend, and still can’t get enough.  I promise it’s that good!

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie GlassLet’s take a look at the ingredients that make this smoothie a nutritional powerhouse; even if they do sound a bit “hippy dippy”:

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie IngredientsBlueberries – very high in antioxidants and great for digestion

Avocado – a healthy source of fat and adds a nice creamy texture to the smoothie

Hemp Seeds – loaded with omega 3’s which promote heart and brain health

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – a nice dairy-free alternative loaded with vitamins and minerals

Powdered Peanut Butter – a low-fat way to sneak in some extra protein (although regular PB works well in this smoothie too)

Cacao Powder – high in magnesium and iron.  Plus this skit from Portlandia.

The ingredients listed above are just the base for the blueberry avocado smoothie.  Other things such as frozen banana, honey and almond butter also make this smoothie quite delicious and add a nice natural sweetness.

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie:


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 tbsp PB2 or powdered peanut butter

1/4 avocado

1/8 tsp of CBDA powder

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 tbsp hemp seeds

1/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

Add ins of your choice (frozen bananas go GREAT in this)


Place all ingredients into the blender.  Add ice.  Blend until nice and smooth.

Blueberry Avocado SmoothiePour your smoothie into a glass and enjoy.  Preferably with a fun straw.

What’s your current favorite smoothie recipe?