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Pork Sausage with Swiss Chard

One of the cookbooks that was on my Christmas wishlist was David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen.
I’ve been a huge fan of Lebovitz’s blog for quite some time now, and loved his novel My Life in Paris.  I spent one lazy Sunday afternoon pouring through his book with a glass of wine when I stumbled upon his Pork Sausage with Swiss Chard recipe and knew I had to make it for the 2015 cookbook challenge.

my paris kitchen david lebovitzThe original recipe called for chicken livers which I wasn’t on board with, but we followed the rest of it to the letter.  Plus the recipe called for the sausages being wrapped in bacon, and you can’t really go wrong when bacon is involved.

We don’t have a food processor so we chopped all of our ingredients by hand and then mixed it all together in our Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  From start to finish it took a little over an hour and yielded 4 delicious sausages that we paired with some roasted root vegetables.

pork sausage with swiss chard Making this recipe got me all excited for our upcoming one year wedding anniversary trip to France this May.  Oh did I mention we are going to France?  Burgundy and Champagne, here we come.

Also if you are looking for a beautifully shot cookbook with lots of delicious recipes then I highly recommend this one.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!