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Easy Greek Salad

Most days when I’m packing my lunch for work I usually just throw a bunch of different things in a Tupperware as I’m making my breakfast and hope for the best.  Instead of just winging it this week I decided to throw together an easy Greek salad that’s full of vegetables and protein to change things up.

Easy Greek SaladThe thing I love about making an easy Greek Salad is that it’s so versatile.  Want artichokes?  Toss them in there.  Don’t like olives?  (although I can’t imagine why) leave them out.  Want to add quinoa? Go for it.  The one thing this salad definitely needs is feta, so if you don’t add feta you are definitely missing out.

I made a giant bowl of this salad and then portioned it out for the week.  Healthy, easy, and reduces my lunch prep in the morning.  Wins all around.

Easy Greek Salad


1 bag mixed greens (I used a kale & arugula blend)

2 cups cherry tomatoes

1 cup marinated artichoke

2 cups diced cucumbers

1 cup olives, pitted

1/2 cup raw almonds (I also used some blanched ones with rosemary from the farmer’s market)

Feta cheese for topping

Other good add ins: peppers, quinoa, avocado, tuna & chicken


Rinse your vegetables and set aside.  Toss all your ingredients in a bowl together.

Easy Greek SaladSprinkle on your feta cheese and olive oil for extra flavor.  Add in any protein/grains of your choice.

Devour.  Repeat.

What’s your favorite easy salad recipe?