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Que Delicioso! Dining at Mi Casa in Cabo San Lucas

This past week brought a much-needed R&R vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.  There was nothing on this trip agenda except eating lots of yummy Mexican food, drinking wine (and margaritas) and relaxing by the pool.

We were fortunate enough to stay at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Resort just a few miles north of downtown Cabo San Lucas.  If you ever make it down to Baja California, be sure to check this place out – between the pools overlooking the ocean, the private beaches, and villa-style accommodations, this place is top-notch.

While the food at the resort was fantastic (I’m still thinking about the Quesadillas al Camarron), our dinner at Mi Casa in the heart of Cabo San Lucas was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Mi Casa isn’t too hard to find – just look for the brightly painted purple building on the side streets of Cabo (read: non touristy areas).  Once you walk inside you are surrounded by authentic Mexican artwork and crafts and are eventually led to the patio/dining area.  As soon as we sat down I saw woman in a corner making homemade tortillas by hand.  Yep, we were at the right place.

Naturally when you are in Mexico the beverage of choice is the Margarita, and Mi Casa doesn’t disappoint.

Margarita the size of my head? Sure, why not.

When it came time to order dinner, I decided to try the Chicken Enchiladas (with flour tortillas not corn since I’m allergic) and they were delicious.  The chicken was juicy and seasoned perfectly.

Chicken Enchiladas for the Win

My brother’s carnitas dish was also pretty fantastic but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of all of the carnitas glory since we were too busy devouring our food.  Other notable standouts include the shrimp ceviche and the guacamole, but again, eating instead of photo taking was the priority at this meal.

Of course, no meal in Mexico would be complete without some authentic entertainment… Mariachis!

Entertainment at Mi Casa

And then there was some not-so-traditional entertainment most likely due to a few too many margaritas…

Mexican Blanket or head wrap? Either works...

We ended our evening at Mi Casa with their homemade flan.  I’ve never been a flan fan myself, but after the flan at Mi Casa I may be changing my tune a bit.

That's two flans for five people. And yes, we ate them both.

Mi Casa is a great restaurant if you want the real deal;  authentic Mexican cuisine that you couldn’t  make yourself at home.  A lot of people tend to have reservations about going off the beaten path (especially in a place like Mexico), but trust me, the food is so worth it.  Fancy hotel and resort food can be/is wonderful, but there’s nothing like enjoying a meal in the warm evening air while listening to traditional music with some of your favorite people in the world.  That my friends, is what it’s all about.