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PB Throwdown with Peanut Butter and Co.

A few years back when I lived in Los Angeles, a few friends and I had a sandwich day (30 Rock anyone?) which consisted of us making the most epic sandwich creation ever and then sharing amongst the group.  So when Karla from Foodologie and I started chatting with Peanut Butter and Co., we decided that we would host a party dedicated to one of the most beloved sandwiches in the US – the peanut butter sandwich.  But this wouldn’t be any ordinary party, it would be a PB throwdown with Peanut Butter and Co.

*The Peanut Butter and Co. giveaway has officially ended.  Thanks to all who participated!*

pb throwdown with peanutbutter co

Peanut Butter and Co. was generous enough to sponsor our PB throwdown event and sent us multiple jars of each of their flavors: Smooth Operator, The Bees Knees, Cinnamon Raisin Swirl, White Chocolate Wonderful, Dark Chocolate Dreams, Crunch Time, The Heat Is On and Mighty Maple.  With our peanut butter lineup secured, Karla and I gathered the remaining items that were needed for our showdown including various toppings, bread, fruit, spreads, cheese and of course bacon.  With our spread complete, it was time to start the PB throwdown.

pb throwdown with peanut butter coWe decided to keep the rules simple.  Just build the most creative sandwich you can, as long as it included one of the Peanut Butter and Co. flavors.  The entire group would taste each sandwich and then cast their vote, with the winner receiving 8 Peanut Butter and Co. jars!

pb throwdown with peanut butter co preparationsWe had a very enthusiastic group of sandwich makers that quickly got to work.  And thanks to the wide range of flavors that Peanut Butter and Co. has to offer, we saw a wide variety of sandwiches.

pb throwdown peanut butter and co creations

One sandwich entry included brie, bacon, The Heat is On peanut butter and pickles.

pb throwdown peanut butter and co spicyAnother one featured Dark Chocolate Dreams, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

peanut butter co strawberry chocolateThe best gluten-free bread ever made an appearance for a potato chip, Crunch Time and raspberry jam sandwich.

pb throwdown gluten free sandwichSome participants took their campaign for best sandwich very seriously (spoiler alert: she won!).

pb throwdown best sandwichAfter the tasting (12 sandwiches in total) all the plates were empty, because all of the sandwiches were so delicious that people kept coming back for seconds!

pb and co finished platesAnd my lovely friend Vanessa went home with the prize (all 8 flavors of Peanut Butter and Co.).  Her winning sandwich contained White Chocolate Dreams peanut butter, nectarine, cinnamon and shredded coconut.pb throwdown peanut butter co winnerNo PB throwdown is complete without some dessert, so Karla whipped up a Spicy Peanut Butter Pie using The Heat is On, and a Honey PB Pie featuring The Bees Knees.

pb and co spicy pb pieAnd since pie and ice cream go hand in hand, we had some of that too.  Chocolate Sorbet, Maple, and White Chocolate Dreams ice cream flavors were the star of the show.  Karla is seriously a pie and ice cream making extraordinaire, so be sure to check out her blog for the recipes.

pb throwdown dessertsWhen all was said and done, everyone ended up going home with a peanut butter flavor of their choice which I think is the best parting gift anyone could ask for.  And I’m proud to say that my pantry is now stocked with a variety of Peanut Butter and Co. flavors.

A HUGE thank you for Peanut Butter and Co. for providing the peanut butter and making this PB throwdown possible.  And another big thanks to Karla for opening up her home and hosting the party.

So now here’s the fun part.  One lucky person will win a sampler pack featuring 6 of Peanut Butter and Co.’s flavors!  That’s 6 jars of delicious peanut butter goodness.

Peanut Butter and co Sampler pack

Enter to Win Below or Leave a comment below sharing what flavor you want to try and want kind of sandwich you would make.  Good Luck!

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Giveaway ends on Tuesday, July 30th at 12AM PT.