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31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams {Giveaway}

**The Giveaway has officially ended and the winner has been notified.  Thank you to all who entered!**

If you have been reading Sweet Potato Bites for a while now, you know that I love peanut butter, especially the Dark Chocolate Dreams flavor from Peanut Butter and Co.  So when I received the 31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams Cookbook along with a 28oz jar from the Peanut Butter and Co. team, to say I was excited is an understatement.  I immediately opened the book and decided to make some Dark Chocolate Dreams Truffles.

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31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams CookbookI’ve been meaning to make chocolate truffles for some time now, and what better way than with some delicious dark chocolate peanut butter?  The recipe in the 31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams cookbook is ridiculously easy, and this is the perfect treat to make for a crowd.  I made these for Super Bowl Sunday, and they were gobbled up in minutes.

31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams TrufflesThe only modification I did to the recipe is swap the butter for coconut oil, and they still came out delicious!  The best part about making truffles is that you can coat them however you want: sprinkles, cocoa powder, coconut, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Dark Chocolate Dreams Truffles (from the 31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams cookbook)


1 1/2 cups Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

1/2 cup nonfat powdered milk

Toppings of your choice: crushed peanuts, semi-sweet chocolate, coconut, unsweetened cocoa powder


Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  In a large mixing bowl combine all your ingredients and mix until you create a peanut butter dough.

Roll your dough into small balls and place on the parchment paper.  Place your baking tray in the fridge and let the balls firm up for an hour.

31 days of dark chocolate dreams plateTo create a chocolate coating, melt your semi-sweet chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler.  Roll your chilled truffles in the chocolate and add your chopped nuts or coconut.  If you don’t want to do a chocolate shell you can just roll your truffles in some cocoa powder.  I personally chose to do cocoa truffles and coconut truffles.

31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams bowlThe truffles will keep up to 1 week (if they last in your house that long!)

So how would you like to win your own copy of 31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams AND a 28 oz jar of Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter?  Now’s your chance!

31 Days of Dark Chocolate Dreams GiveawaySimply leave a comment below sharing your favorite peanut butter recipe!  You can earn extra entries by following @socaliallie on twitter and instagram, liking Sweet Potato Bites on Facebook and tweeting about the giveaway!

Entry open to US Residents only.  Giveaway ends on Monday, February 10th at 8am PT.  Good Luck!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

Winter appears to have bypassed Southern California.  Temps have been in the upper 80s, and I have found myself craving things like ice cream and milkshakes.  But since both of those options will likely leave me with a sugar coma and a stomach ache, I settled for the next best thing: a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie.

This smoothie is made with unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened almond milk, banana and peanut butter.  That’s it.  All the sweetness from the smoothie comes from the banana and you get an extra dose of potassium as well.  Win-win.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie GroupAnd yes, I drink my smoothies out of wine glasses.  It makes me feel fancy.

I ended up using crunchy peanut butter in this smoothie but creamy would work just as well.  Or if you want your smoothie to be extra chocolate-y, perhaps some Dark Chocolate Dreams PB?

This is the perfect smoothie for when those chocolate cravings strike or you just want something a little sweet.  Throw in some kale or spinach if a green smoothie is more your style.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie pinChocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (serves 1)


1 small frozen banana, chopped

2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

6 oz unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp peanut butter


Place all your ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie OverheadDrink and enjoy!  I’m sure even Elvis would approve of this smoothie, even if it is missing some bacon.

Tru-Nut Powdered Peanut Butter

We all know that I love peanut butter.  It’s pretty much a guarantee that there will always be a jar of PB in my house.  So when the team at Tru-Nut reached out and offered to send a sample of their powdered peanut butter, I jumped at the chance.

Tru-Nut Powdered Peanut ButterI’ve used powdered peanut butter in the past, but what attracted me to Tru-Nut’s powdered peanut butter was the fact that it was all-natural, GMO-free and very low in sugar.  Plus, powdered peanut butter is lower in calories and fat than traditional PB.

Tru-Nut Powdered PB JarBut let’s get one thing straight – in my opinion, powdered peanut butter is NOT the same substitute for the real thing.  The texture is different and it doesn’t have the satisfying fat that regular peanut butter does.  If I’m in the mood for peanut butter, you better believe I’ll be reaching for my jar of Peanut Butter & Co. Crunch Time before I grab the powdered stuff.

That being said, powdered peanut butter is a great vehicle for adding a nice peanut flavor to baked goods, and is perfect for making a peanut sauce, which is what I did with Tru-Nut’s powdered peanut butter.

Tru-Nut Powdered PB HoneyThe Englishman and I eat stir fry pretty often, so I decided to make a peanut sauce that can be mixed with noodles or veggies.  The peanut sauce is ridiculously easy to make and is much healthier than buying a pre-made sauce at the store.

This recipe does call for soy sauce, but if you are soy-free like I am, you can use coconut aminos
instead!  I discovered coconut aminos last year and it’s a great soy substitute.

Powdered Peanut Butter Sauce


2 tbsp Tru-Nut powdered peanut butter

2 tbsp soy sauce or coconut aminos

1 tbsp honey

1/4-1/2 cup water (depending on how thick you want your sauce)

Pinch of salt


Mix all ingredients in a small bowl until well blended.

Tru-Nut Powdered PB SaucePour peanut sauce over noodles or vegetables and top with crushed peanuts/cashews.

Tru-Nut Peanut Butter CashewsEat, enjoy and repeat.

Thanks Tru-Nut for sending me your powdered peanut butter!  I’ll have to try the chocolate flavor next!

Do you have a powdered peanut butter recipe I should know about?  Please share!

Peanut Butter Bread

When I was younger I always had the same thing in my packed lunches at school: a PB&J on sourdough bread with a side of Crystal Light lemonade.  Every now and then my mom would throw in a turkey or tuna sandwich, but 90% of the time it was PB&J.  I’ve recently had a strong craving for a good ol’ PB&J and decided to make a peanut butter bread and top it with some jelly.

Ever since our epic Peanut Butter and Co. sandwich throwdown, there has been no shortage of peanut butter in my house, and I have had ample opportunity to get creative with one of my favorite sandwich spreads.  For this particular bread, the star of the show was Peanut Butter and Co.’s Crunch Time flavor.

peanut butter bread crunch timeIf you had asked me a few years ago if I liked creamy peanut butter or crunchy I would’ve picked creamy hands down.  But then I grew to love the texture that crunchy peanut butter has and now it’s safe to say I love creamy and crunchy equally.  For this bread I wanted the crunchy peanut butter texture, so Crunch Time it was.

The third time was definitely the charm with this bread, after a couple failed attempts of too much flour and not enough peanut butter.  This bread is nice and thick, and full of delicious crunch.

peanut butter bread close upIf you want to go really old school, then top your peanut butter bread with some grape jelly.  You won’t be disappointed!

Peanut Butter Bread (adapted from this recipe)

Peanut Butter Bread


3/4 cup Crunch Time peanut butter (or any peanut butter of your choice)

1/3 cup maple syrup

1 1/2 cups almond milk

2 cups whole wheat flour

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon baking powder

Jam or chocolate for topping


Preheat your oven to 350F.  Lightly grease a loaf pan.

In a large mixing bowl blend your peanut butter and maple syrup.  Since the peanut butter is so thick, I recommend using a stand mixer or hand mixer if possible.

In a smaller bowl, combine your flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.

Pour your dry ingredients into the peanut butter mixture and continue to mix.  Add the almond milk and blend well.  The dough will be a little thick.

Gently spoon your bread mixture into a loaf pan and bake in the oven for one hour.  Let your bread cool and then enjoy!  Like I said, this tastes really good with some jam or grape jelly.