True Food Kitchen: Appetizer Edition

Every year for my birthday I have gotten to pick what restaurant I want to have my birthday feast at.  Past year choices have included Bluewater Grill, Taste (in LA), and Lola’s (also in LA).  This year though the choice was pure and simple:  True Food Kitchen.

Since discovering True Food Kitchen this past spring, it’s become my new food obsession.  I love the open decor of the restaurant, the simplicity of the dishes, and of course the mojitos.  Everytime I walk out of the restaurant I leave with a smile on my face and a happy belly.  And no, True Food did not ask me to write that, but if they are looking for a spokesperson, I am available…

So why is this post called appetizer edition?  Well, I’ve written about the mojitos, commented on the overall food, so why not focus on a couple of appetizer standouts?

First Up: Carmelized Onion Tart with Fig and Gorgonzola

What better way to kick off a birthday celebration than with this beautiful tart?  It was light, crispy and loaded with flavor.  I loved that the onions didn’t overpower the fig and gorgonzola taste and it didn’t feel heavy at all.  I could’ve eaten another one of these.  Seriously.

Next: Pita and Hummus

I don’t know what True Food Kitchen does to their hummus, but it is pretty fantastic.  Maybe it’s the fresh tomatoes, olives and feta on top, but I almost ALWAYS order this dish when I dine here.  The pita is whole wheat and fresh out of the oven, and the servers are always willing to give you extra pita triangles to scoop up the remaining bits of hummus.  Definitely a win.

And Last: Chicken Sausage Pizza with Fontina Cheese


I may have cheated and ordered this dish as my entrée, but I have ordered it as an appetizer in the past so let’s just roll with it ok?  This pizza has delicious chicken sausage with just the right amount of spice and is topped with tomato sauce and fontina cheese.  It may not sound like the most exotic pizza around the block but it is definitely loaded with flavor.

Once again I had another delicious meal thanks to the wonderful people at True Food Kitchen.  I was even brought out a Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble as a dessert!  As you can see there is no said photo of the Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble because I was about 1.5 Mojitos deep and the camera was long forgotten.

Looks like I have an excuse to come back to True Food Kitchen for a special “desserts” edition next!

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