Leaving the bubble for Crema Cafe

I’ll admit it, I don’t venture out of my “OC Bubble” very often.  In fact, it’s one of my 2012 resolutions to do more exploring and trying lots of new places, especially when it comes to food!

One of my good friends from LA wanted to meet up for brunch so we decided on a halfway point – Seal Beach (yes, it’s technically OC but I’m branching out here people).  Seal Beach is a cozy beach community that is known for their cute cafes and shops up and down Main Street.  Once Seal Beach was decided as the meetup point, I knew we had to go to The Crema Cafe.

I’ve read countless reviews of Crema Cafe and they are all the same.  Good food, an adorable outdoor patio, and popular among the beach community.  With reviews like that, I knew we couldn’t go wrong.

Crema Cafe is known for their sweet dishes such as crepes and pastries, but since my friend and I were meeting the day after Christmas feasting, we decided to keep it simple with some savory omelettes instead.

My friend went with the Fitness Omelette which consisted of egg whites, turkey, onion, parmesan cheese and spinach.

I went with a “Create Your Own” omelette made of egg whites, avocado, goat cheese and tomato with toast and fruit.  Oh, and a large mug of English breakfast tea.

We both devoured our dishes with lots of “mmms” and this is so good in between each bite.  The goat cheese was melted perfectly inside my omelette and I liked that they put the avocado on top to enjoy with each bite.

After some much overdue girl talk we decided to try some of their iced teas before hitting the road.  Iced tea may not sound super exciting, but a lot of restaurants definitely do not get it right.  Lucky for us, the iced tea at Crema Cafe was perfection.

I’d definitely make a return trip to Crema Cafe – I loved the outdoor patio, and I really want to try a crepe on a return trip.  Plus downtown Seal Beach is just so stinkin’ adorable that why wouldn’t you want to come back?

Thanks Crema Cafe for getting me out of my “bubble.”  I’ll be seeing you soon.

Crema Cafe

322 Main Street
Seal Beach, California 90740

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