Moving and Pumpkin Spice Tea

If you recall this post from a few weeks back, I alluded to the fact that the Englishman and I were moving this fall.  Well, we ended up closing escrow on our condo a couple of weeks ago and this weekend moved in to our new digs in Costa Mesa.  Our weekend was spent doing “grown-up” things like buying a new bed and bedding, cleaning the condo from top to bottom, and having our massive space-age looking fridge delivered.

Our internet doesn’t get installed until Tuesday, and since I am tethering via a slow iphone connection, I’ll keep it short and sweet and leave you with my latest Trader Joe’s discovery –  Pumpkin Spice Tea!

Yes, pumpkin season is in full swing in SoCal and I am loving every minute of it.  Pumpkin tea, pumpkin butter, pumpkin beer, pumpkin bread…bring it on.

2 thoughts on “Moving and Pumpkin Spice Tea

  1. Meg

    Oooh, pumpkin spice tea! I’m allllll about the pumpkin this time of year. Too bad we don’t have a TJ anywhere nearby — I’m terribly deprived, I know. Good luck with your move!

    1. socaliallie Post author

      No TJ’s! I don’t know what I would do! There’s a pumpkin spice tea by Stash that is also quite good – and that one you can find in pretty much any supermarket!


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