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Since starting Sweet Potato Bites I have had the opportunity to review some awesome restaurants, and some not so awesome ones.  I always like to keep it real around here, and review the good with the bad.  Unfortunately for The Crow Bar and Kitchen, it falls into the not so awesome camp.

I have been wanting to try The Crow Bar and Kitchen for a long time now, and their menu looked really promising.  Duck Fat Fries!  Grilled Cheese Specials! Lots of Beers on Tap!  The restaurant definitely had all the makings of a nice gastropub.  So when a friend suggested that we check it out, the Englishman and I were game.

When we arrived at The Crow Bar and Kitchen the place was already pretty packed.  People were mingling at the bar and the hostess sat us immediately.  After perusing the menu, the Englishman and I decided we would split the Crow Burger and get a side order of Sweet Potato Fries.  My friend decided to get the Halibut Burger and a side order of Duck Fat Fries (that they are “famous” for), and we got some green bean fries and salt and vinegar chips to share amongst the table.

One thing I should note is that fries and sides do NOT come with the entrees.  You have to pay extra $$ for them which is a bit annoying.  The fries came out before our burgers, piping hot and ready to eat.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I love sweet potatoes, so I thought the Sweet Potato Fries were delicious.  Some blue cheese aioli was served on the side which was a nice complement to the salty fries.

the crow bar and kitchen sweet potato friesThe Duck Fat Fries were also good, but I honestly didn’t find them particularly remarkable.  To be honest, they just tasted like regular fries, so I’m not sure what all the hype is.

the crow bar and kitchen duck fat friesThen the burgers emerged.  Since the Englishman and I had run 13 miles that day (in preparation for our half marathon), we were pretty hungry and looking forward to devouring a delicious burger.

Much like the Duck Fat Fries, the Crow Burger was pretty underwhelming.  It didn’t have much seasoning or flavor to it, and just came with some cheese and arugula (where was the homemade ketchup?).  The rosemary bun was nice, but I could’ve easily made a better burger at home.

the crow bar and kitchen burgerMy friend’s Halibut Burger was another disappointment.  Her burger came out cold and undercooked.  And nobody wants an undercooked halibut burger.

the crow bar and kitchen halibut burger

The green bean fries had potential, but instead came out a bit greasy and lacking in flavor.  Definitely not worth the price.

the crow bar and kitchen green bean friesAnd the salt and vinegar chips?  They were quite tasty, but not sure if they were worth the money either.

the crow bar and kitchen salt and vinegar chipsI would definitely rate The Crow Bar and Kitchen as average, and a bit overpriced.  The ambiance is decent, it seems like a nice spot for a happy hour or late night drink, but this restaurant/bar is definitely not the place to be sitting down to a full meal.  Not sure if I’ll be back.

3 thoughts on “The Crow Bar and Kitchen

  1. Karla @ Foodologie

    Oh that’s such a shame! I had heard of The Crow Bar and Kitchen and thought it looked fun. I went to Chapter One in Santa Ana last week and had duck fat fries there. I was underwhelmed. I guess maybe duck fat fries just aren’t that exciting?

    1. socaliallie Post author

      I know! I had been looking forward to Crow Bar because I had heard so many good things but it’s definitely overhyped. Interesting comment about the duck fat fries – maybe it’s just a marketing tactic to make them sound more amazing than they are.

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