Larabar ALT and Crossfit

I always know it’s going to be a good day when I receive a package from Larabar on my doorstep.  This package wasn’t any ordinary package because it contained the brand-new Larabar ALT flavors!  Last month I had the chance to sample the Larabar Uber flavors, so getting the ALT bars was like Christmas in July (or May, if you will).

LarabarALT_FlavorsSo what’s so special about the Larabar ALT?  Protein, baby.  The Larabar ALT flavors contain 10g of pea protein, which is awesome because most protein bars out there are made with soy protein, which I unfortunately cannot have.  In addition to having a decent amount of protein, the Larabar ALT flavors are vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, and non-GMO.  Plus, the wrapper is 31% renewable. Apart from the Larabar ALT, we recommend this review by The Green Forks of the best pea protein powders. It is what has been helping people who are allergic or cannot consume soy to get the desired body they are striving towards.

The bars come in four flavors:  Lemon Pound Cake, Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Peanut Butter Cookie and my personal fave, Pumpkin Pie.  All of the flavors have many of the same ingredients as the traditional Larabars, but also contain brown rice syrup, brown rice flour and sunflower oil.

LarabarALT pumpkin pieTexture-wise, the bars are a bit drier than the traditional Larabar, and you can tell they are more dense.  I really enjoyed the flavor of the bars, and love the fact that they have the extra protein.

These ALT bars actually came at the perfect time since the Englishman and I just started crossfit and could use a little extra protein.  And speaking of crossfit, how are wall balls so hard?  Please tell me those get easier.  I’m really enjoying the classes even though I spend most of the time flailing about trying to keep up.  Now I see how people can drink the crossfit kool-aid.

But back to the Larabar ALT bars.  If you are looking for a protein-packed bar that’s made with all-natural ingredients you can pronounce?  Then this bar is for you.  I know I’ll be adding these to my regular snack bar rotation.

Thanks Larabar for the goodies!

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