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Before I even landed in Portland, I knew I needed to have Salt and Straw Ice Cream, and after reading this review on The Kitchn, it was a done deal.

salt and straw signOne of the things that attracted me most to Salt and Straw was the fact that all of their ice creams are made from scratch, and free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives, which is hard to find.  I often find myself missing out on summer ice cream cones because all the ice cream shops near me use corn syrup as a sweetener.

Salt and Straw also has a lot of unique ice cream flavors such as the Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero, Grandma’s Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache, and the famous Arbequina Olive Oil, which Oprah declared as one of her favorite things.

We decided to check out Salt and Straw after a hot morning of hiking and wandering through the Portland International Test Garden.  The Nob Hill location wasn’t too far from where we were, so we headed over there to cool off and enjoy some Salt and Straw Ice Cream.  As soon as we stepped into the shop, I immediately scanned the menu.

salt and straw ice cream menuSalt and Straw allows you to sample as many flavors as you want, so we took advantage and tried a few tastes before committing to a purchase.  My first taste was the Cinnamon Snickerdodle, complete with house made snickerdoodle cookie crumbles.

This ice cream was delicious – I loved the cinnamon crunch from the cookie bits.  I still wasn’t ready to commit to a flavor, so I tried the Freckled Woodblock Chocolate next, which is made with cocoa beans and sugar.  Again, it was an outstanding choice, but I still wanted more.  I finally decided to try the Arbequina Olive Oil ice cream since it was Oprah’s favorite and all.

salt and straw ice cream arbequina olive oilAfter one bite I immediately saw how this was Oprah’s favorite.  The ice cream had a nice olive oil flavor to it and had just the right amount of salt to balance out the sweetness.  I know olive oil ice cream sounds totally weird, but it was amazing.  I immediately ordered a scoop.

The Englishman went a different route with his ice cream sampling.  After enjoying a Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout sample, he decided to keep with the bourbon theme and got a cone filled with Salt and Straw’s Coffee and Bourbon flavor.

salt and straw ice cream coffee bourbonI stole a couple bites of his and loved the coffee and bourbon combination.  It was a really interesting flavor (in a good way!).

Out of all the places we visited in Portland, Salt and Straw Ice Cream definitely lived up to the hype.  Everything we tasted in there was delicious, the staff was friendly and the ice cream was reasonably priced.  If I could only recommend one place in Portland, Salt and Straw would definitely be it.  And get the Arbequina Olive Oil ice cream.  Just trust me.


3 thoughts on “Salt and Straw Ice Cream

  1. Karla @ Foodologie

    Wow! That sounds awesome! I love unique ice cream flavors like this. I remember in Rome there was an awesome gelato place that had cool flavors like raspberry sage and red wine chocolate. Delicious!

    1. socaliallie Post author

      When I was there I was totally thinking how much you would’ve like it. Unique flavors are the best!

      That gelato sounds amazing – may need to recreate that!

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