Health Warrior Chia Bars

I was recently sent a box of Health Warrior Chia Bars to try out.  With each bar containing 1000mg of omega 3s, less than 5 grams of sugar and 110 calories or less, I was definitely intrigued.

health warrior chia barsHealth Warrior was founded by Dan Gluck and Nick Morris; two Division 1 athletes who learned about the amazing power of chia seeds after reading Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run.  Born to Run follows the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico who run up to 100 miles with no shoes and sustained by chia seeds.  After learning about the benefits of chia, the duo created “warrior” bars using the mighty seed.

I’m pretty selective when it comes to these kind of snack bars, but I absolutely loved the Health Warrior Chia Bars.  The bars were flavorful without being too sweet, and I liked that they were lower in fat than some of the other bars on the market.

health warrior chia bar lineupI also loved all of the Health Warrior Chia Bar flavors that I tried, but the coconut and acai were definitely my favorites.  I love all things coconut, and this chia bar was no exception.

All of the bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.  As someone who suffers from a soy allergy, I was happy to see that the Health Warrior Chia Bars were free of any soy protein (they use a plant-based protein instead).

health warrior chia bar openedSince these bars aren’t quite as “dense” as other all-natural snack bars, I found them to be a nice afternoon pick me up during a busy day at work, or a quick snack after a tough workout (I basically inhaled one of these bars after a tough crossfit class).  With 3g of protein and 4g of fiber, these bars are an excellent snack to incorporate into your diet.

Big thanks to Health Warrior for sending me these bars to try!  I’ll definitely be ordering more of these soon.  If you want to check out these bars for yourself, be sure to visit your local Whole Foods or Sprouts Market.


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