Bear Flag Fish Co.

Since our wedding a couple of weeks ago, the Englishman and I have been pretty busy.  We had family in town, various work obligations, and just trying to get back into the swing of things.  We finally had a few moments to catch our breath so we decided to go on a much overdue date to Bear Flag Fish Co. for dinner.

Bear Flag Fish Co CollageAfter hearing many friends rave about the fresh seafood at Bear Flag Fish Co., I figured it was high time that I finally check it out.  The restaurant is a no-frills kind of place where you order at the counter and your fresh fish is served on paper plates, which I really liked.

I started the evening out with a glass of wine, because why not.

Bear Flag Fish Co WineBear Flag Fish Co. is best known for their fresh ahi poke served with corn chips, but since that doesn’t work with my allergies, I decided to get the catch of the day which was yellowtail with brown rice and a salad.  Apologies in advance for the picture quality as all of these were snapped on my iphone.

Bear Flag Fish Co YellowtailThe yellowtail was grilled perfectly and was nice and light.  And Bear Flag doesn’t skimp on the portions either which was awesome – my plate came with a 1/2 pound of fish!

The Englishman decided to go with the swordfish taco which he quickly devoured.

Bear Flag Fish Co Swordfish tacoBear Flag Fish Co. gives you the option of either their panko grilled fish tacos or fish tacos made with the catch of the day which is awesome.  They also cover their tacos in their special “Tommy Sauce” and even have $2 Taco Tuesdays!

In addition to the fish taco, the Englishman ordered some clam chowder since it’s one of his favorites.

Bear Flag Fish co Clam ChowderI snuck a bite of the clam chowder and while it was good, it wasn’t the best clam chowder I’ve had.  Bear Flag Fish Co. is definitely known for their fresh seafood dishes, so I’d stick to those when ordering.

I was really glad we finally checked Bear Flag out!  The prices are definitely affordable, and the restaurant offers a lot of delicious items like fresh fish burritos, seafood bowls and a couple sushi rolls.  This is a definite return for me!

Favorite place to get seafood?  And go!

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