Ways to use Tillamook Cheese

I really like cheese.  And I really, really like Tillamook Cheese.  I wanted to make the trip out to Tillamook last time we were in Oregon to tour the cheese factory but we just ran out of time.  So in honor of Tllamook and my love for their cheese, here are some ways to use Tillamook Cheese.

tillamook cheese cheddar loaf

The Englishman makes a mean loaf of bread, and we decided to take it to the next level by adding a layer of Tillamook Cheddar on top of it, so when the loaf was done it was filled with cheesy goodness.

tillamook cheese breadThe great thing about this cheese bread was that since the cheese was just on top, this bread was quite versatile – it made a great grilled cheese (see below), was perfect with a smear of butter and jam, and even made an excellent stuffing for meatballs.

One of the other ways to use Tillamook Cheese is to make yourself a delicious grilled cheese sandwich.  For this one we kept it simple: grilled onions, a bit of ketchup, and lots of cheese.  It may not have been the prettiest thing to look at, but it was quite tasty.

tillamook grilled cheese

Growing up my dad always made tacos with cheddar cheese on top (I know, not Mexican at all but roll with it), so one night when we made fish tacos, I knew I had to bust out some Tillamook Cheddar as an homage to my childhood.  Say what you will, but cheddar on tacos is pretty fantastic.

tillamook tacosJust some delicious guacamole, fish, beans, slaw and cheddar cheese.

fish tacos and cheese

What’s your favorite way to use cheddar?  I’m thinking I need to try a cheddar and apple galette soon!

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