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Good stuff has been happening in ol’ East Costa Mesa.  First, Pitfire Pizza debuted on the scene with their Artisan pizzas, then Sidecar Doughnuts made a splash (and the aroma in there is amazing), and the latest place to open is Pie-Not, an Aussie-style bakery that specializes in sweet and savory pies.  A sophisticated take on the pot-pie if you will.

Since the Englishman is quite the connoisseur of savory meat pies (he was born in New Zealand after all), he was eager to check Pie-Not out to see if they were as authentic as the pies he had growing up.

Pie-Not Costa MesaWhen we arrived at Pie-Not they had already sold most of their pies for the day, so we had a limited selection to choose from.  After much deliberation, the Englishman decided on the Dog’s Eye, which was a meat pie made with ground beef and onions in a short crust pastry shell with a puff pastry top.

Pie-Not PieI’m not the most well-versed in the world of meat pies, but this one was quite good.  The puff pastry was light and flaky, and the meat was juicy and tender on the inside.  If I had one small complaint, it would be that the pie was a little bland side, and the Englishman agreed, although he was quick to point out that the pie did taste very close to the traditional Aussie pies he had growing up.

Pie-Not Meat PieI feel like I need to try more of Pie-Not’s pies before I can make a full assessment.  The shop has lots of delicious looking pies on the menu such as the Sprung a Leek with chicken in a cream sauce and the Vege Patch which is an assortment of vegetables in a gluten-free pie.  Pie-Not also has other items such as the traditional Sausage Roll, which is pork and beef rolled in a pastry dough and some breakfast pies that also looked delicious.

***UPDATED 5/19/13***

The Englishman and I made a return to Pie-Not and this time got the Sausage Roll and the “That’ll Do Pig Pie” which came with beef, onion, cheese and back bacon.  The aroma from the sausage roll was intoxicating, so I dove right in for a bite.

Pie-Not Sausage RollThis roll was delicious!  I’m not the biggest sausage fan, but this was outstanding.  A simple beef and pork sausage rolled in puff pastry.  The Englishman loved this too, declaring it his favorite.

The That’ll Do Pig Pie had a lot to live up to after the delicious sausage roll.

Pie-Not That'lldoPigThis pie was good as well.  Lots of flavor and seasoned perfectly.  Pie-Not definitely knows how to make a great pie.

I also discovered that Pie-Not has ALMOND MILK for their coffee and tea, and they make Lamingtons!  I’ll need to pop back in there on a day they have lamingtons in the shop.

So excited to have this place in the 17th street rotation.