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Afternoon Snacks

When I was little I always looked forward to coming home from school to a yummy afternoon snack.  It was usually something along the lines of apples and peanut butter or ritz crackers and cheddar cheese but I loved it.  Never mind the fact that the snack was usually wolfed down while I got my suit and goggles ready for afternoon swim practice.

Nowadays, the afternoon snack is usually eaten at my desk at work and consists of greek yogurt or almonds or a piece of fruit (sometimes with peanut butter) to help fuel me through the rest of the work day.  Since weekends are much more relaxed I generally don’t have an afternoon snack unless I am out and about or meeting up with someone.  And when those times occur, I make sure my afternoon snack is good.

My BFF Kristin is moving to Denmark in a week, so when she suggested that we meet up at Haute Cakes for an afternoon snack this past weekend and catch up, I leaped at the chance.  The Englishman and Kristin’s boyfriend Dave also came along so it was the perfect chance for everyone to catch up and get together.

When it came to choosing an afternoon snack I found myself wavering back and forth between Haute Cake’s delicious baked goods and their savory salads and sandwiches.  And since you only live once, I went with the baked good.  A chocolate chip cookie in fact.  And a glass of lemonade (I swear I’m not 7 years old).

And it was delicious.  And hit the spot.  And wasn’t too filling that I spoiled my appetite for dinner.  The Englishman however, took a much more grown up approach to the “afternoon snack” and had some Pinot Gris and a croissant.

I tasted the croissant and had a sip of his wine and figured he was onto something.  The combo was perfect and felt Parisian chic.  Noted for next time.

It was great to catch up and I found myself thinking that I should do this weekend afternoon snack deal more often.  It’s cheaper than a full meal, you can get together pretty much any time of day, and it’s an excuse to eat a cookie in the afternoon.  Does it really get any better than that?