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Morning Treats at Rose Bakery Cafe

I’m convinced the best mornings involve sleeping in, getting a run in and enjoying a leisurely breakfast outside in the sun.  While this doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, on the days I can stop and smell the roses, I take advantage.

Recently the Englishman and I decided to have a morning just like that.  We slept in (which for me is anytime past 6 most days), went for a nice run and then decided that we should have breakfast in the sun at the Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona del Mar.  But first we had to pick up our breakfast provisions from Rose Bakery Cafe.

I had never been to Rose Bakery Cafe, but every time I passed it on PCH I always saw packs of people enjoying a variety of breakfast, brunch and lunch goodies, so I knew it must be good.

Rose Bakery Cafe offers a variety of tantalizing breakfast options including breakfast burritos, various egg dishes and oatmeal.  Since we were taking our breakfast to go on this particular visit, we decided on more portable items which included a couple of croissants, a cinnamon sugar doughnut and a cup of fresh fruit.  I’m already planning on trying some of the savory breakfast dishes on my next visit.

I also have to give special recognition to Rose Bakery Cafe for offering almond milk (!) as an option for all of their drinks.  I was able to get an iced latte made with almond milk which is practically unheard of at any bakery/coffee shop in OC with the exception of Whole Foods.

Armed with our box of breakfast delights, we headed across the street to Sherman Gardens to relax and enjoy our food in the sun.  I was quite eager to dig into the box and try one of the large croissants, especially since the last croissant I had been at Le Pain Quotidien in February.

I am pleased to say this croissant did not disappoint!  It was nice and warm and literally melted in your mouth.  It’s nice to know that there are a couple of places in OC that serve really decent croissants.

I also tried a few bites of the cinnamon sugar doughnut and it was quite good.  The doughnut was a cake doughnut (my personal favorite) and I loved the crumbly sugar topping on top.

Overall our first venture to Rose Bakery Cafe was a success.  I got to enjoy an almond milk latte, had some delicious baked goods, and most importantly, I literally got to stop and smell the roses.

Rose Bakery Cafe, I think we are going to become fast friends.