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Rehearsal Dining at Chinook Tavern

This past week the Englishman and I traveled to Colorado to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.  Many adventures were had, including a visit to Coors Brewery, running at 5200 feet above sea level (humbling) and lots of food and drink with family.

While there were a lot of delicious meals throughout the week, one that stood out in particular was the rehearsal dinner at Chinook Tavern, which is located south of downtown Denver.  The menu was prixe fixe, and you had your choice of halibut, short ribs, or quinoa along with salad and dessert.  And of course drinks.  Plenty of those to go around. Ahem.

For the salad course, we were served a Grilled Romaine Salad that came with applewood smoked bacon and caesar dressing.

I haven’t had many grilled salads in my time, but this one was quite delicious.  I loved that the salad was extra crispy and warm, and because it was grilled, it had a nice smokey flavor to it.  The caesar dressing was good and not too overpowering at all.

For our entrees, the Englishman ordered the Wasabi-Encrusted Halibut and I ordered the Boneless Beef Short Ribs.  The beef short ribs came with polenta, but I had that subbed for creamy mashed potatoes.

The short ribs were melt in your mouth good.  Each bite was juicy and tender.  The mashed potatoes were nice and creamy and delightfully buttery (always a good thing).

I was so busy enjoying my short ribs that I forgot to photograph the Englishman’s halibut, but the fish was light and flaky and the wasabi gave it a nice kick.  His dish came with mashed potatoes and asparagus as well.

Last but not least, we were served dessert.  I’m honestly not 100% sure what the dessert was exactly, but the best way I can describe it is a nice custard with a variety of fruits mixed in.

The custard tasted almost cheesecake like, and had raspberries and cherries mixed in it.  It was a light dessert and a nice way to finish the evening.

Aside from the outstanding food, another thing I really enjoyed about Chinook Tavern was the restaurant space itself.  It was open, airy, and had a separate bar, dining, private dining and patio area.  The interior was designed with light wood, and it really brightened up the restaurant.

Even though I only got to taste a few things that Chinook had to offer, I’d definitely return if I lived in the Denver area.  The food was that good.  If you are ever in Colorado, be sure to check this place out.