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Freshology Review

At home meal delivery services are definitely a trend these days.  You can go the Blue Apron route where the ingredients are delivered and you prepare at home, or you can do the Freshology route where your meals are prepared and all you have to do is warm them up.  The Freshology team recently offered to send me a free day’s worth of meals in exchange for a Freshology review, so here are my thoughts.

Freshology Review

One thing I must caveat is that the Englishman and I are big cookers.  We do a Sunday meal prep and usually plan out or meals for the week, so having Freshology plan my day’s worth of meals for me was an interesting concept.  The team at Freshology was also great about accommodating my food allergies, and I ended up with a day’s worth of corn, soy, and gluten-free meals.

Since I work in an office all day I was a little concerned that the meals would sit outside my doorstep before I got home that evening.  Not only did my meals arrive by 6 am, they also came in an insulated cooler bag.

The breakfast meal included eggs, Parmesan, kale and fruit which was great since I often have eggs for breakfast.

Freshology Breakfast review

Lunch was a giant salad (again what I usually have at work), and was a Cobb salad loaded with turkey, ham and eggs.

Freshology Review LunchDinner was fish wrapped in a banana leaf and a side of quinoa and peppers.  The bag also included a cup of fruit and chicken skewer for a snack, which I ate at work.

Freshology Review DinnerThe best part about Freshology?  You simply place your cooler bag outside your door Sunday night and someone picks it up (or drops off a new delivery) by Monday morning.  This reduces all the excess packaging waste that often comes along with meal delivery services.

I really liked the Freshology concept, but since I do prepare almost all my meals at home anyway, I probably wouldn’t use them on a regular basis.  But if you work long hours or simply don’t have time to do meal prep, this is a great option.

Now the best part.  The team behind Freshology is offering all Sweet Potato Bites readers a $25 voucher to use on their first order!  If you are curious about an at home meal delivery service, be sure to check them out.

Many thanks to the Freshology team for letting me try a day’s worth of meals!

Specialty Olive Oil from O&CO

This sponsorship is brought to you by O&CO. who we have partnered with for this promotion.

Olive Oil has been a staple of my diet for as long as I can remember.  Whenever my parents would cook, they would always grease the pan with a bit of olive oil, not butter.  When Italian dinners were had, a tiny bowl of olive oil and balsamic was presented for dipping.  In fact, my family loves olive oil so much that my dad bought 4 giant bottles of it when we went to Italy a few years back to take home on the plane.  The tragic part was that he mistakenly put one of the bottles in his carry on bag and the TSA confiscated that immediately.  Tears were shed, inaudible curse words were muttered, but we all took comfort in the fact that we still had bottles in the checked luggage.

So why am I waxing poetic about olive oil?  Because I want to share with you my newest olive oil discover – O&CO.  O&CO specializes in Mediterranean delicacies such as tapenades, pastas, seasonings, crackers, and of course olive oil.  Since the Englishman and I eat a very Mediterranean style diet, this site is perfect for all of our needs, especially when we can’t make it over to the O&CO closest to us.

I love that O&CO sells more unique items that you can always get in a standard supermarket such as white and black truffle oil, specialty pastas such as saffron tagliatelle and lavender honey.  The recipe section on the site has a lot of great ideas on how you can use the store items to create unique and delicious dishes.

O&CO has been around 16 years, and to celebrate their 16th anniversary they are offering 16% off all merchandise in stores and online from October 12-16.  It’s a great deal for anyone looking to buy specialty items or looking to stock up before the holidays.  To take advantage of this offer simply visit O&CO and use the code FOODIE16 to get your discount, or check out an O&CO near you!