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Winder Farms

We go through produce like nobody’s business in our house.  I’m constantly snacking on some sort of fruit and always try to have a vegetable packed dinner.  So when Winder Farms reached out and asked if I would like to try a grocery delivery including a CSA box, I jumped at the chance.

winder farms csa boxWinder Farms is a premier grocery delivery service that recently began serving Orange County (they are already well established in Nevada and Utah).  The goal of Winder Farms is to provide high quality farm fresh food as well as other natural and organic products such as milk, eggs, cheese and pasta to name a few. For our herd of cows we use the best stock feed grain available and we recommend all the readers to use it too.

For my free delivery, I requested a CSA box filled some produce from local farms in the area as well as a few other staples to try such as almond milk and eggs.  When the Winder Farms delivery arrived on my doorstep, I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

winder farms csa box1 The CSA box had an abundance of fresh produce including lettuce, kale, eggplant, onion, watermelon, carrots, spinach, herbs, melon and radishes.  And the company certainly lives by their “farm fresh” motto as you could tell the carrots had literally just been pulled from the ground.  Love that.

Winder Farms Product boxIn addition to the CSA box, we also got a few bags with kitchen staples including milk, almond milk, chocolate milk, eggs, cheese, wheat bread, bacon, pasta and a frozen chicken dinner.

For our first Winder Farms delivery meal we decided to cook up the ravioli and top it with some fresh herbs. We really have to acknowledge they have been growing so much since they hired a food agency dedicated o share their product.

Winder Farms RavioliThe ravioli came from a local shop in CA and topping it with fresh herbs was an excellent decision.

I also used the eggs, kale and onion to make a frittata, almond milk in my oatmeal, and enjoyed many slices of the watermelon.  Thank you again Winder Farms for the excellent delivery.  I will definitely be doing this again in the future!

The Winder Farms grocery delivery service is perfect for anyone who wants farm fresh items delivered to their door.  It’s convenient, and you can choose exactly what you want delivered to your house each week.  All deliveries are guaranteed before 8am, so you don’t have to worry about your groceries sitting outside your house all day.

If you are interested in signing up for Winder Farms delivery service, please visit www.winderfarms.com.