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Flavour Gallery

I’ve been a fan of Flavour Gallery for a while now.  I love their products and their company philosophy, so when they offered to send me one of their Hungry Tiger Hot Sauce pullovers, I was just a tad excited.  If you follow me on instagram, then you’ve already seen this picture.

Flavour Gallery Hungry tiger Hot sauceFlavour Gallery is an online retailer that specializes in Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s shirts and other accessories like aprons and scarves.  In addition to creating their own food-themed shirts, Flavour Gallery also does apparel for special food and wine events such as FEAST Portland, Kapaula Food and Wine Festival and the Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival to name a few.  The company also has a James Beard Foundation Collection and a LudoBites Collection which was inspired by chef Ludo Lefebvre.

Flavour Gallery

Image Source: FlavourGallery.com

But let’s get back to the Hungry Tiger Hot Sauce pullover for a second.  Yes, it is super cute.  Yes, it is ridiculously comfortable that Pip wants it all for himself.

Flavour gallery PipFor every Hungry Tiger Hot Sauce or Cebiche 78 item purchased Flavour Gallery will donate a Food Pak to help the Children’s Hunger Fund in its mission to fight hunger across the globe.  Be sure to check out all of Flavour Gallery’s Hungry Tiger Hot Sauce and Cebiche 78 items here.  Not only do you get a cute shirt or pullover, but you are also helping a child in need.

Flavour Gallery Hungry TigerThis is one of the many reasons why I think Flavour Gallery is amazing – a good company doing good for others.  And as an added bonus, most of their apparel collection is made at home in the US out of their factory in LA.  Flavour Gallery is also committed ensuring that all of their factories are in compliance with labor, ethical and environmental standards.

Be sure to check out Flavour Gallery for more of their culinary inspired creations.  What shirt would you get?