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O Fine Japanese Cuisine

Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to find good sushi at a reasonable price.  Aside from my love Kitayama, it’s been hard to find a decent sushi joint not too far from where I live.  Then O Fine Japanese Cuisine showed up.

O Fine Japanese Cuisine has been a staple in Laguna Beach for a while now, and it wasn’t until 2011 that they decided to open a second location in Irvine.  After hearing decent things, the Englishman and I decided it was time to dine at O.

The interior at O looks like a swanky club with blue lights and beaded curtains that greet you when you walk in.  The restaurant itself isn’t that big, but there is a decent size sushi bar.

The Englishman and I decided to sit at a table and started our meal with a round of drinks.  Sauvignon Blanc for me and Asahi for him.

The drinks were good but pricey.  I’d definitely recommend getting a drink at the wine bar next door instead of having a drink at O.

Next up was the Calamari with Spicy Carrot aka the Englishman’s favorite dish of the evening.

The calamari was good, but nothing earth shattering.  I’m sure I’ve had better calamari dishes at other restaurants, but this tasted just fine.

Then it was on to the sushi – I wanted to keep it simple so I got some vegetable and tuna rolls.

Like the calamari, the rolls were good but nothing to write home about.  The tuna roll even looked like it was put together in a rush as the cuts of fish were all over the place.  Regardless, we both cleaned our plates.

Would I come back to O?  Sure.  It’s in a good location, the fish is good and the prices aren’t too sky high.  I’d like to try some of their specialties next time to see if O has any standout dishes.

I’d recommend O Fine Japanese Cuisine if you are looking for a decent Japanese meal (the restaurant also has teriyaki and tempura dishes as well) and aren’t looking to break the bank.  But enjoy your cocktails at home, or head over to the wine bar next door after dining for a night cap.

O Fine Japanese Cuisine

6731 Quail Hill Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92603