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Journey Unauthorized at the OC Fair

Journey Unauthorized.  Sure, they may be a Journey Tribute band and the bassist might look like actor Danny McBride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time rocking out to some classic Journey tunes, especially when “Don’t Stop Believin” comes on.  Here are some tips on the BEST way to see Journey Unauthorized at the OC Fair.

Pick a good pre-concert meal.  For some this may be indulging in some fair food, but I recommend some delicious pizza from ZPizza.  Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Cheese and Mushroom, take your pick!

zpizzaAttire.  Recruit two of your best friends to dress up in their 80’s finest to fully absorb the Journey experience.  Mullets, leggings and sweat bands not mandatory but recommended.

journeyunauthorizedattheocfairConvince your wonderful fiancée that yes, it is cool to wear a cutoff t-shirt with an American flag on it because it’s what Steve Perry would do.

journeyunauthorized_fairSnap as many concert pics as you can, no matter how blurry or out of focus they may be (or just borrow your friend’s).

JourneyUnauthorized at the OCFairJust say NO to the Chocolate Covered Bacon Churros.  Why eat that when you can eat bacon ice cream at Mesa?

chocolate covered baconBut most importantly.  HAVE FUN.  It’s the fair after all!