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More Mexican Food Fun

I  seem to be on a Mexican food kick lately fellow readers (all 5 of you), which I can only attribute to my recent vacation to Cabo San Lucas and the abundance of yummy eats.

This week our Mexican food journey takes us to Javier’s, which has locations in Irvine, Crystal Cove and (gasp!) Cabo San Lucas.  While I find Javier’s to be pretty decent, it is on the $$ pricey side and not quite as delicious as my beloved Taco Rosa/Mesa.  But still good nonetheless.

Every Mexican meal must start with guacamole in my book, so that’s what we ordered.  With a side of flour tortillas of course.

Holy onion batman!  While the guacamole had a nice texture, there was almost a little too much onion for my liking – so much in fact that it overshadowed the other wonderful flavors guacamole has to offer including the avocado, cilantro, lime, tomato and salt.  Next time Javier’s a little less onion and a little more guacamole mmmk?

For dinner I went with the soft taco dinner – one chicken and one steak with a side of rice and beans.  It was good, but nothing mind-blowing.

I think after having really good food in Mexico I have a pretty high standard now and so far California isn’t quite cutting it yet.  Perhaps a trip to Taco Rosa will turn it all around.

But that being said – Javier’s is a good Mexican restaurant with a good atmosphere and is definitely worth checking out.  Just be sure to ask for less onion in your guacamole.


45 Fortune Drive #400

Irvine, CA 92618