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4th of July in Photos

Is it just me or was it kind of random that the 4th of July fell in the middle of a work week?  It’s definitely been a little harder to get back into the swing of things this AM, but it’s nothing a strong cup of tea and a Pure Barre class can’t fix.

I hope everyone had a fun holiday yesterday!  Mine included some 5k running, BBQing, and relaxing which was exactly what I wanted.  Instead of a lengthy recap, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Accessories for the 4th of July 5K (the sunglasses ended up coming off):

Ready to Run (and a new PR for the Englishman!):

Red Pants and White Sandals:

Delicious Food:

Mile High Apple Pie:

Pie and Cookies, a serendipitous combination: