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An Ode to the Martini

I definitely was not always a martini drinker.  In college my drink of choice was something mixed and definitely left me with a headache the next day.  As I got older (and wiser) my tastes shifted to more simplistic drinks such as a nice glass of wine, vodka mixed with club soda and a craft beer.  Then somewhere down the line my love affair with the martini began.

My ultimate favorite martini is a dirty martini with blue cheese olives, but I also love other kinds of martinis as long as they have minimal ingredients, aren’t overly sweet and made with good vodka.  Yep, I’m a vodka martini kind of girl.

So without further adieu, I give you some of my personal favorite martinis.

Lola’s Lemon Drop Martini:

I’d like to think Lola’s in Los Angeles first sparked my love for the martini as they haves such a wide variety to choose from!  The lemon drop has subtle sweetness and a bit of a sour punch too.  If you want a little bit of sweet but not too overpowering, this martini is for you.

Houston’s Dirty Martini:

The dirty martini at Houston’s would be 100% perfection if it was made with blue cheese stuffed olives.  But regardless, this martini is pretty good if you ask me.  Very tempting to order more than 1 of these at a time.

Paul Martin’s “Effen Vodka” Martini:

I always get the effen vodka martini at Paul Martin’s American Grill and it is always as good as I remember.  Shaken vodka over ice with three olives.  Simple and smooth.  If you do not like the taste of vodka, I do not recommend this martini.

Cucina Enoteca’s Ginger Pear Martini:

Cucina Enoteca has special infusion drinks that you can have in any form – on the rocks, mixed, martini, etc.  I tried their ginger pear infusion as a martini and it was delicious.  I loved the pear slices in the martini along with the tiny bits of clove.  It’s definitely a more unique take on the traditional martini.

The ROCK’N Tini at Rock’N Fish:

This unique martini at Rock’N Fish Laguna Beach is infused with agave syrup and guava nectar.  I really enjoy this martini because it isn’t overly sweet, has a nice fruity taste and is a lovely shade of pink (because clearly that is what matters most).

And those are my current favorite martinis of the moment, but I’m still on the quest for the perfect dirty martini.  Any suggestions?