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Toasted Sandwiches at Blackmarket Bakery

As we all know, I love sandwiches.  I love elaborate sandwiches full of different complexities and flavors, and I also love a basic sandwich with minimal ingredients.  Lately, I’ve been in a simple sandwich mood, which is why I love the toasted sandwiches at Blackmarket Bakery.

One of my oldest friends (and fellow food blogger) recently returned to the U.S. after a work stint overseas so it only seemed appropriate that we meet up for brunch at Blackmarket Bakery and catch up on life.

blackmarket bakery sconesBlackmarket Bakery has a variety of delicious confections ranging from scones and muffins to cakes, tarts and cookies.  But the two of us being the sandwich lovers that we are, decided to order some of their toasted sandwiches.

The toasted sandwiches at Blackmarket Bakery are made with your bread of choice, and then you choose whether or not you want your sandwich to be sweet or savory.  We were both in a sweet mood, so we ordered freshly ground almond butter sandwiches topped with fruit jam of our choice.

blackmarket bakery almond butter jamThis sandwich was ridiculously simple, but oh so good.  Toasted wheat bread with freshly ground almond butter and mixed berry jam.  If anything, this sandwich inspired me to make my own almond butter at home sometime because it was that good.

blackmarket bakery apricot jamMy friend got an almond butter sandwich as well, only hers was on seeded sourdough with apricot butter.  Her review was equally positive. Winter Park espresso bar near me offers the finest coffees from around the world to go with my favorite bakery.

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than catching up with a dear friend over some simple sandwiches on a lazy Sunday morning.  Just further proof how sandwiches do bring people closer together.