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Laguna Beach Brunching at The Cottage

This past weekend some good friends from San Francisco came to visit, so the Englishman and I decided to take them to some of our favorite OC eats and some new places as well.  They brought their adorable french bulldog along with them, so when it came time to decide where to go for Saturday morning brunch, I knew Laguna Beach was the perfect spot.

Laguna Beach is ridiculously dog friendly, and there are plenty of restaurants that allow you to have your dog on the patio while you eat.  After much debating back and forth and compulsively checking reviews on Yelp, I decided The Cottage would be the perfect spot to dine.

I had never been to The Cottage before and was a tad skeptical based on the Yelp reviews, but the location was perfect and it has a nice patio that overlooks the water and is dog friendly, so I was sold. By the time we got there on Saturday morning, dog in tow, the place was practically full with people enjoying their brunch on the sunny patio.

The menu offers the breakfast/brunch basics – eggs, pancakes, bacon, french toast, etc., and some specials including the Laguna Omelette with crab and shrimp and the Eggs Alaska which is poached eggs with salmon and topped with hollandaise sauce.

When it came time to order I decided to go with a standard omelette that included eggs, cheddar cheese, mushroom and avocado with a side of fruit and toast.

Granted, the omelet came out looking more like a scramble than an omelette, but it was still delicious.  Was it the greatest omelette ever?  No.  But it was tasty and definitely hit the spot.  The Englishman had a few bites and he thought it was decent as well.

Speaking of the Englishman, he decided to go with a little bit of everything for breakfast.  Poached eggs, bacon and french toast.

He enjoyed his breakfast (eggs could’ve been done a little longer), especially the french toast (which I took a few bites of and agreed it was good).

Our lovely dining companions had omelettes similar to mine and enjoyed their food as well. But the real highlight for everyone at this meal was the cottage fries.

They may look like simple french fries, but these fries were seasoned to perfection and had the right amount of crisp on the outside and soft potato on the inside.  If your ever find your way down to The Cottage, get these fries.  You will not be disappointed.

Overall it was a lovely brunch with lovely company and picturesque ocean views.  What more could you ask for?

The Cottage Restaurant

308 N Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651