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Summery Delights at Paul Martin’s New Weekend Brunch

It’s been no secret that I am a big fan of Paul Martin’s American Grill. I have written about their delicious burgers and waxed poetic about their martinis.  When I recently had the opportunity to try out their summer weekend brunch, I knew I’d be in for something good.  And good it most certainly was.

Paul Martin’s just started introducing their weekend summer brunch (10am-2pm on Sat/Sun) so I was excited to give it a try.  The Englishman and my parents also accompanied me to brunch since they are big fans of Paul Martin’s as well.  The brunch prixe fixe menu includes a beverage (cocktails included) an entrée, fruit and bread all for just $19!  Considering most restaurants charge an arm and a leg for brunch, this is an incredible steal.  We decided to kick off our brunch experience with some Bloody Marys and Peach Bellinis.

Paul Martin’s Bloody Mary isn’t your standard Bloody Mary since it comes with bacon.  Yep, bacon.  And you know what?  The bacon is a nice component to the drink.  I’m not the biggest Bloody Mary fan, but I did enjoy sips of this one, bacon and all.

The Peach Bellini was light and refreshing and was made with peach, honey syrup and sparkling wine and garnished with raspberries.

If you are looking for something different from your standard mimosa at brunch, I highly recommend the Peach Bellini.

While waiting for our food, we had the opportunity to chat with Chef Partner Jorge Estrada who told us some of his favorites off the brunch menu (the Shrimp Omelet and the French Toast with Maple Bourbon syrup) and gave us a sneak peek at Paul Martin’s Summer Menu which will be debuting in a few weeks (it’s going to be quite good with nice summer flavors).  It was nice to chat with Jorge, especially since you can tell he puts a lot of pride into all of his dishes at Paul Martin’s.

Then it was time for the food. Everyone decided to order something different so we could share and try a little bit of everything.  I decided to go with the Cheddar and Applewood Smoked Bacon Omelet, but ordered it with egg whites.

One of my biggest gripes is that many restaurants  put the omelet fillings on top of the omelet, which in my opinion makes it no longer an omelet, but this one had the melted cheddar cheese, bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes all nicely folded inside and tasted excellent.  The roasted potatoes were also nice and not greasy at all.

The Englishman ordered the Eggs Benedict which came on an English Muffin and a side of roasted potatoes.

The Englishman is very particular about his poached eggs and thought these were cooked perfectly – just the right amount of runny yolk and not rubbery at all.  The Hollandaise on top had a nice lemon zing to it as well.

My mom and dad decided to go with Chef Jorge’s recommendations and got the French Toast and Shrimp Omelet and raved about them both.

The shrimp omelet my dad ordered had avocado, shrimp, and jack cheese.  If you are a seafood omelet fan, this is definitely the omelet for you.  This also came with roasted potatoes.

My mom decided against eggs and ordered the french toast.  I must say it was an excellent choice on her part because this french toast was pretty fantastic.  I think I’ll be ordering it next time when I return for brunch.

Chef Jorge was right on the money when it came to the maple bourbon syrup that came on the side – the bourbon flavor blended nicely with the maple and was not overpowering at all.

In addition to our entrees we were served a plate of fresh fruit and warm rolls from Sadie Rose bakery, which were promptly devoured as well.

In all honesty, this brunch at Paul Martin’s was one of the best brunches I’ve had (and I have been to a lot of brunches).  The food tasted great, the service was excellent and the price really cannot be beat.  I’ll definitely be coming back.

Thanks for bringing a delicious brunch to Irvine Paul Martin’s!

A Beachy Breakfast

If I had to pick a favorite meal of the day, I think it would be breakfast.  Maybe it’s because as I’m getting ready for bed the night before I’m already thinking about what my next meal will be, or because I love the quiet stillness of the morning as the world is slowly waking up with the sun.  Either way, breakfast and I are pretty much BFF’s.

Most of the time the Englishman and I make breakfast at home – during the week it’s the standard cereal/oatmeal/toast, and on the weekends we jazz it up a bit with some eggs and maybe pancakes.  But recently we’ve decided that we should start a new breakfast tradition where we go out and enjoy the best meal of the day.

For our first breakfast adventure we decided on Nick’s in Laguna Beach.  Nick’s is located in the heart of downtown Laguna, and has a nice patio that is great for people watching/looking at the ocean.

The breakfast menu at Nick’s is pretty simple.  A few egg dishes, waffles and oatmeal with your beverage of choice (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) make up the breakfast menu.  And what better way to start a meal than with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.

I swear, after being with the Englishman my tea consumption has risen and my coffee consumption has definitely plummeted.  Not that I’m complaining of course – I happen to be a BIG fan of tea.

Anyways where was I?  Oh yes, breakfast at Nick’s.  The Englishman and I both had a hankering for eggs so we each ordered egg dishes with our own preferred sides.

I decided to go with scrambled eggs, wheat toast, applewood smoked bacon and fruit.

While my dish may not have been the most exciting, it certainly was delicious.  Especially the fluffy scrambled eggs on top of the whole wheat toast.

The Englishman decided to go with poached eggs, an english muffin, sausage (along with some of my bacon) and hash browns.

The verdict?  He loved his breakfast as well, especially the poached eggs on the english muffin.  There was nothing special about this dish either, but it was executed perfectly.

We left Nick’s with full and happy bellies and both agreed we’d definitely be coming back to try their lunch or dinner menu since breakfast was such a hit.

I think I’m going to like this new going out to breakfast tradition.

Nick’s Laguna Beach
440 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach, CA 92651