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Once upon a time I drank a lot of coffee.  My morning wasn’t complete with some cup o’ joe, and when the holidays rolled around you better believe I was always getting my pumpkin spice/gingerbread latte fix.  And then I got an ulcer and my doctor told me I shouldn’t drink coffee anymore except decaf on occasion.  So I turned to tea and haven’t looked back since.  Now my mornings always start with a strong black tea or an iced tea if it’s hot out.

Since the pumpkin season is in full swing, I took it upon myself to try a variety of different pumpkin teas to see which one would come out on top.

tale of pumpkin tea collectionThe competition was fierce, but here are my top four pumpkin teas that are perfect for the fall season.

Best Roobios Tea: Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea

tale of pumpkin tea trader joesI normally don’t like roobios teas but Trader Joe’s is top notch.  The pumpkin flavor really shines through and it’s a decaf tea, which is perfect for enjoying in the evening before bed.

Best Black Tea: Celestial Seasoning’s Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea

tale of pumpkin tea celestial seasoningsThis is a nice black tea that is perfect for first thing in the morning.  I love the strong pumpkin flavor and the spices that complement it.  It’s probably my least favorite of the four, but still a good tea choice.

Best Chai Tea: Art of Tea’s Pumpkin Spice Chai

Tale of pumpkin tea art of teaI was on a chai tea latte kick for awhile and then I found them to be too sweet and loaded with lots of sugar.  Art of Tea’s Pumpkin Spice Chai is a loose leaf tea with the perfect amount of chai spice.  I like to make my own chai lattes by adding a bit of almond milk.

Best Overall Pumpkin Tea: Art of Tea’s Pumpkin Pie Tea

Art of Tea takes the cake with this pumpkin pie tea.  It’s got the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor and a hint of sweetness.  Plus, it’s decaf so you can drink it any time of day.

And just for fun, a little behind the scenes look from the pumpkin tea shoot.  Obviously, Pip is a fan of pumpkin tea as well.

Pumpkin Tea pip photobombWhat’s your favorite pumpkin tea?  Are there any ones I am missing?

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  1. Gail H.

    We are getting a TJ’s here in South FL early next year…can’t wait!!! Until then I’m keeping a running list 🙂 Just found your blog…LOVE it!!


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