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Aloha!  The Englishman and I are currently on the beautiful island of Maui for our honeymoon.  After a crazy few weeks this vacation was much, much-needed.  So while I’m soaking up as much sun as I can, I thought I’d share some of my favorite healthy travel snacks.

When I first found out about my food allergies one of the things I worried about the most was how would I travel?  Gone were the days of just grabbing whatever at the airport or relying on the snack mix on the airplane.  But after many years of a trans-continental romance and work travel, I finally have the healthy travel snacks thing down.  Here are a few of my staples:

Oatmeal and Tea

Healthy Travel Snacks OatsI always pack a few oatmeal packets with me when I travel.  They are great for a quick breakfast in the room, make an excellent afternoon snack and definitely work when you are in a pinch and can’t find anything else to eat.  All you need is a cup and hot water and you are set!  If I have an early morning flight sometimes I get the Starbucks perfect oatmeal and sometimes I just bring my own and ask for hot water.  For an extra protein boost I usually add peanut butter or almond butter which brings me to my next favorite healthy travel snack.

And the tea?  Well, the Englishman and I are big tea drinkers so it’s nice to make a quick cup in our room before starting the day.  Plus it saves money on all those Starbucks stops!

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Nut Butter Packets

Healthy Travel Snacks Peanut ButterThese are another travel staple for me.  I squeeze a packet onto some oatmeal, add it to apple slices or a banana, or even just eat it on the go if I need a snack fast.  Peanut Butter and Co. and Justin’s are my two favorite brands and I never travel without them!  I’ve also used the packets to make quick sandwiches that I can just throw in my bag while I’m sightseeing.

Snack Bars

Healthy Travel Snacks BarsSnack Bars are great for an energy boost.  I’ve been in a few situations where I didn’t have time for lunch or didn’t get to eat until really late and these were the perfect thing to tide me over.  I stick to bars with as minimal ingredients as possible.  Current favorites are the Dark Chocolate Turtle Larbar UBER (so good!), KIND Bars, SKOUT Organic Trailbars and Health Warrior Chia Bars.

All of these make great portable snacks and the good news is you can find a lot of these bars in convenience stores or supermarkets.

Nuts, Seeds, Etc.

Healthy Travel Snacks Nuts and SeedsIt’s always nice to have a packet of trail mix or some nuts and seeds lying around when you travel.  Skout Organic has their pumpkin seed trail paks, Trader Joe’s sells their trail mix in small individual pouches, and you can buy small packs of hemp seeds or protein powder for an extra boost in your oatmeal or as a midday snack.


Healthy Travel snacks fruitI love packing apples, bananas, oranges, grapes etc as a good healthy snack for travel.  Whenever the Englishman and I arrive at our destination we always head to a local market to stock up on fruit because it’s just nice to have on hand.  It’s also nice to have with breakfast or after an indulgent meal out.

Those are just a few of my healthy travel snacks – what do you like to pack when you travel?  Any favorite snacks you want to share?

3 thoughts on “Healthy Travel Snacks

  1. Karla

    Great travel snack suggestions! One of my coworkers always has those little trail mix packs and I’m jelly. Hope you’re having a great trip!!

  2. emily (a nutritionist eats)

    I rarely pack snacks anymore…I used to, and then would never eat them! (I don’t have any allergies though). I did bring some snacks to Mexico (because we had a house) but they weren’t all healthy…nuts, snack mix and girl scout cookies! 🙂


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