Me Like Bars

There are a lot of healthy snack bars on the market.  Some are gluten-free, some are vegan, some are paleo, and then you have your old-fashioned Chewy granola bar.  But I have to say, there’s something special about Me Like Bars.

me like bars lineupMe Like Bars is known for being “the ungranola.”  The bars have a similar texture to granola bars, but are grain-free and paleo inspired.  I first heard of Me Like Bars at my crossfit’s spring fling competition last summer, and since then, I can’t get enough.  Plus, how fun is their name?

The thing that sets Me Like Bars apart from other healthy snack bars is their simplicity.  Just nuts, dried fruit, a little maple syrup and honey, coconut oil, cinnamon and sea salt.  That’s it.  In fact, these bars are so natural that the Me Like team recommends you store them in the fridge to ensure maximum freshness.

me like bars closeup

Me Like Bars come in four signature flavors: Blue Cherry, Cranberry, Apricot and Dark Chocolate.  The Me Like Bars team also creates seasonal flavors, and the Winter bar this year included pistachios which I loved.

My personal favorites are the Apricot which includes macadamia nuts (which you hardly find in snack bars) and the Blue Cherry which has a delightful blend of dried blueberries and cherries.

Me like bars trioThese bars make a great breakfast on the go – if you are crunched for time in the AM or have to eat in your car on the way to work (we’ve all been there) they are the perfect thing to pack in your bag.  Since they are full of healthy fats and nuts, I’ve found that they keep me satiated throughout the morning which is great.

I’ve also had these bars as a post-crossfit snack and have frozen them for a nice after dinner treat.  However you choose to enjoy these bars, you won’t be disappointed.

me like bars closeup

So how do you get your hands on these little gems?  Simply order through the Me Like Bars website, and from now until January 31st, the wonderful team at Me Like Bars is offering 15% off your order when you enter promo code SWEETPOTATOBITES at checkout!

Like I said, there may be a lot of healthy snack bars on the market, but if you are looking for a natural, grain-free bar with minimal ingredients and great flavor, then Me Like Bars is the PERFECT bar for you.

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