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And just like that we are back from France.  Expect some recaps on the blog soon, but let me just tell you that it was amazing, the food was fantastic, and I even tried chicken liver for the first time (and didn’t hate it!).  But first let me tell you about a new-to-me paleo bar I tried before I went on vacation: Mammoth Bar.

Mammoth BarI know what you are thinking – another paleo bar?  But hear me out, cause these bars are the jam.  And unlike some other bars out there, Mammoth Bar uses more unique ingredients like dried egg white protein and baobab (which is a superfruit loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C).

Each Mammoth Bar also contains raw sprouted nuts, dates and spices, making them the perfect protein packed snack or breakfast on the go.  The bars come in four flavors: Almond Vanilla, Cashew Cinnamon, Trail Mix Goji and Coconut Macadamia.  And I loved each and every one of them.

One issue I have had with some paleo/protein bars in the past is that I’ll eat one and will feel hungry 30 minutes later.  This definitely wasn’t the case with these bars.  In fact, I ended up packing all 4 bars in my travel “snack pack” and even had a Mammoth Bar for breakfast when we were en route from Paris to London and wasn’t starving on the short flight over to England.  If that isn’t a testament to how good these bars are, then nothing is.

Mammoth Bar SnacksEach bar is packed with about 10g of protein, and all of the sugars come from natural sources like dates and coconut.  Right now you can only order Mammoth Bar online, but I’m hoping they will pop up in some local stores soon!

A big thanks to the Mammoth Bar team for introducing me to your tasty bars! I’ll definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

Paleo Bar fans: what bar is your fave?

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