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Wine Tasting in Temecula with a Sparkly Ending

Since I’ve been all about the wine recently, I thought I’d recap the wine tasting extravaganza that the Englishman and I had this past weekend in Temecula.  We have been wine tasting in Santa Barbara and Napa (we love Napa) and decided to give Temecula a shot after finding a sweet Living Social deal at a local B&B.

One of the wineries I really wanted to visit was Wilson Creek because of their delicious almond champagne.  While the champagne was just as delicious at the winery, I was surprised at how corporate everything felt.  Busloads of people were dropped off at the winery, and the people who were doing the pours weren’t the friendliest and didn’t take the time to explain each wine.  At least the almond champagne was still good (and loads cheaper at the grocery store).

Determined to find a nice hole in the wall winery with that “Napa” feel to it, we made our way to Falkner Winery.  The winery was located at the top of a huge hill with a beautiful view of the Temecula valley.

After picking up a bottle of Rose from Falkner, we made our way to Mount Palomar Winery which was the definite highlight of the day.  While the outside of the winery looked like a Greco-Roman playground, the tasting room had a nice, intimate feel to it.

We decided to just stick to tasting white wines and were pleasantly surprised by all of them.  The Brut sparkling wine was nice and dry with the perfect amount of bubbly and the dry Riesling had a nice citrus taste to it without being too sweet.  The Rose was also top-notch and I even found the Chardonnay to be palatable and I normally hate Chardonnay.  I liked all the wines so much I even put stars next to all of them.

The service at Mount Palomar was amazing and everyone was so knowledgeable and attentive.  We ended up buying a bottle of Brut at the winery and were pleased that we found a great winery during our tasting adventure.

While I thought that Mount Palomar was the high note of the trip it was quickly upstaged by something else.

Yep, the Englishman and I are engaged!