Wedding Cake Tasting at The Solvang Bakery

I haven’t posted much about wedding planning on the blog, but with less than 2 months to go until the wedding, most of my days/nights/weekends have been devoted to getting ready for the big day.  This past weekend I did a quick whirlwind trip up north to finalize some of the details, which included wedding cake tasting at The Solvang Bakery.

Wedding Cake Tasting Solvang Bakery SliceNot going to lie, the cake tasting was one of the things I was looking forward to most when I began planning our wedding.  I love cake (who doesn’t?) and I feel your wedding cake choice is a fun way for people to see who you are as a couple based on your taste preferences.

The one thing I was a bit nervous about when it came to the wedding cake tasting at The Solvang Bakery was my food allergies.  I emailed the owner Melissa and explained that I couldn’t have anything with corn, soy or walnuts.  She was incredibly nice, and when they brought out the cake for us to taste, she labeled everything and listed out all the ingredients which was fabulous.

Wedding Cake Tasting IngredientsNot only were all the cakes at Solvang Bakery delicious, they brought us very generous slices as well.  I’ve never seen so much cake and frosting in my life.  Fortunately I had the Englishman and my parents to help me wade through all the cake, and we even managed to give a few pieces to people who were visiting the bakery as well.

Wedding Cake Tasting SliceThe overall process was a blast.  We got to taste a variety of different cakes and were given little cups of frosting in case we wanted to mix and match some flavors.  One of my favorite frosting flavors was a coconut one made with sunflower seed butter.  I’ll definitely try to recreate that one at home.

Wedding Cake Tasting FrostingThe flavors we tasted included chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, carrot (made with pecans!), vanilla, lemon and almond.  While I don’t want to reveal what we decided on quite yet, I will say I’m quite pleased with our final cake and the fact that we have a couple of different flavors on different tiers so I think everyone will end up with something they like.

Wedding Cake Tasting FlavorsIf you are ever in the Santa Ynez Valley be sure to visit The Solvang Bakery.  They make a variety of Danish pastries in addition to cakes and other confections.  Plus, everyone who works there is incredibly nice and their desserts are GOOD.

Now that the wedding cake is ordered, I just need to decide overall presentation of the cake.  Any recommendations?

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    1. allie@sweetpotatobites Post author

      The almond one was really good – it had a nice marzipan flavor too! It was a bit too simple for a wedding cake, but as an everyday cake or birthday cake it would be perfection. Love the idea of adding orange frosting too.


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