Natural Products Expo West Recap

As I mentioned in my previous Natural Products Expo West post, I got to meet with a variety of wonderful brands and learn more about their products.  You already heard all about Justin’s, so here are some other products & brands I think you should check out.

Annie Chun’s & Bibigo:

Natural Products Expo WestI normally shy away from pre-packaged foods, but when I heard about the new seaweed crisps that Annie Chun’s was debuting, I was intrigued.

I was pleasantly surprised by the seaweed crisps!  They weren’t overly salty, and had a nice light crunch.  I also liked that they were gluten-free and had minimal ingredients.  I can definitely see having these as a snack on the go, or packing for travel.

I didn’t get to try the Bibigo Gochujang sauce (because of my soy allergy) but my husband did and loved it!  He’s used it on stir fries and other dishes so it’s safe to say we’ll be buying that again as well for our house.

Brewla Bars:

Natural Products Expo West BrewlaLindsay from Fit and Awesome introduced me to Brewla Bars and I am so glad she did!  They are popsicles made with all-natural ingredients and NO artificial flavors or sweeteners.

I tried the Strawberry and Hibiscus Tea flavor which was delicious!  And with each bar clocking in between 20-50 calories and with less than 10g of sugar, they are definitely the perfect summer treat.  Plus, they have unique flavors like Root Beer Float and Tropical Fruits White Tea, so what’s not to love?  (also, I really want to try the root beer one!).  Right now Brewla Bars are available in Gelson’s markets, but they are hoping to expand more soon.

Gold Mine Natural Foods:

natural products expo west natural foodsGold Mine Natural Foods specializes in sustainable macrobiotic foods such as organic kimchi, sauerkraut and kelp noodles.  The brand also has pantry staples such as black rice and pasta.

I was able to try the sauerkraut and kimchi, which was great!  I’m always trying to get more fermented foods into my diet, and the sauerkraut was a great addition to many of our dinners.  I was a fan of just the classic kraut, but the Englishman really loved the garlic flavor.

Nikki’s Coconut Butter:

Nikkis Coconut ButterI just recently started using coconut butter in recipes, and absolutely love Nikki’s Vanilla Cake Batter flavor.  I’ve used it in smoothies, in my homemade hot chocolate, and love adding it for a touch of natural sweetness in baked goods.  It’s loaded with heart healthy fats and not too high in sugar which is awesome.  Sometimes I eat it straight from the jar with a spoon!

Whole Me Clusters:

natural products expo west whole meI wrote about Whole Me last year, but this year I got to try their new Lemon Berry Chia Clusters and I am in love.  I adore just about lemon everything, but these clusters took it to another level.  The Almond Coconut and Cinnamon Banana Chip were also quite tasty, but I LOVED the Lemon Berry.

If you attended the Natural Products Expo West this year what products were your fave?  Any finds that are a must-try?

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