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End of 2013 Track Workout

Since 2013 was a big year in running for me, it was only fitting that my last workout for the year was a run workout.  Increasing my speed is something I want to focus on in 2014, so I decided to do an end of 2013 track workout to close out the year on a high running note.

Track Ladder Workout CDMI’ll be honest, for a brief moment I toyed with the idea of running 13 miles to say goodbye to ’13, but since I haven’t run 13 miles consecutively since May, I figured that wasn’t the best idea.  So to the track it was!

This track workout is a ladder workout with two fast 200 meter sprints at the end.  Given the fact that I had just done roughly 100+ squats at crossfit the day before, my legs were definitely feeling this!

This workout is perfect for a track, treadmill, or even just outside your front door!  That’s the beauty about speed work; it can be done just about anywhere.

I covered a little over 5 miles doing this workout with an average 8:10 pace.  Even with the recovery intervals, this workout definitely keeps you moving!

End of 2013 Track WorkoutCheers to a great year of running and even more great runs in 2014!