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End of 2013 Track Workout

Since 2013 was a big year in running for me, it was only fitting that my last workout for the year was a run workout.  Increasing my speed is something I want to focus on in 2014, so I decided to do an end of 2013 track workout to close out the year on a high running note.

Track Ladder Workout CDMI’ll be honest, for a brief moment I toyed with the idea of running 13 miles to say goodbye to ’13, but since I haven’t run 13 miles consecutively since May, I figured that wasn’t the best idea.  So to the track it was!

This track workout is a ladder workout with two fast 200 meter sprints at the end.  Given the fact that I had just done roughly 100+ squats at crossfit the day before, my legs were definitely feeling this!

This workout is perfect for a track, treadmill, or even just outside your front door!  That’s the beauty about speed work; it can be done just about anywhere.

I covered a little over 5 miles doing this workout with an average 8:10 pace.  Even with the recovery intervals, this workout definitely keeps you moving!

End of 2013 Track WorkoutCheers to a great year of running and even more great runs in 2014!

Beginner Yasso 800s

Even though I’m not training for anything in particular at the moment, I am still running, going to crossfit and getting speed work in.  This week I decided to do a beginner Yasso 800s workout.

If you have been reading running blogs/magazines/message boards, chances are you have heard of the famous Yasso 800s.  The theory is that whatever time you run your 800s in is your predicted marathon time.  So if you ran your Yasso 800s in 3:30, your marathon time should be approximately the same (if on a relatively flat course).

Since I have no plans to run a marathon anytime soon, I just used the Yasso 800s as another way to get some good speed work in on the track.  The original Yasso 800s are 10 rounds, but since this was my first stab at it, I decided to go for 5 rounds, with a 400 meter recovery in between.

Let me tell you, these are no joke!  It’s a great speed workout and can be done on a track or on a treadmill!  I covered 5 miles with my workout, but the beauty of the Yasso 800s is that you can do as many as you want.

Beginner Yasso 800sI’ll definitely be repeating this workout in the future, and will hopefully be adding more rounds!

And just for fun, here are some race pics from the Renegade Santa Run last week.  I really need to work on my facial expressions.

Renegade Santa Run picApparently I like to look at the ground while I run?  And running with antlers rules.

Renegade Santa Run RaceWhy do I look so pissed off?  Also note that the antlers are no longer on my head as I apparently got sick of them.

Renegade Santa Run finishI really need to work on my finish line shots.  The photographer almost always catches me messing with my garmin too.

Renegade Santa Run 4The Englishman and I post race.  I might actually order this shot instead of just taking a screen grab from the site.

Has anyone else done Yasso 800s?  Any other speed work workouts I should try?