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A Gastronomic Delight at True Food Kitchen

It’s no secret that I love True Food Kitchen.  I’ve blogged about it numerous times and waxed poetic about the cookbook (and no, I am not sponsored by Fox Restaurant Group).  When I was invited to participate in a media dinner at True Food, I jumped at the chance to dine at my favorite restaurant.

As much as I love True Food Kitchen, I tend to order the same thing every time I go.  Brunch is almost always the Greek Frittata, Lunch is the Chicken Chopped Salad or Turkey Pita, and Dinner is the Turkey Burger,  Tuscan Kale Salad, Sweet Potato Hash or Pizza.  This dinner was a great opportunity for me to try some of the other dishes True Food Kitchen had to offer.

Our meal began with a variety of appetizers – pita with hummus, raw crudités and edamame dumplings.  All of the appetizers were delicious and I was so preoccupied with them that I forgot to take a picture.  If you are really curious as to what the hummus looks like, check out this post.

The next two courses were salad courses.  The first salad that came out was the Farmer’s Market salad made with kale, radish, carrot, broccoli, beet, avocado and manchego cheese with a champagne vinaigrette.  This salad was light and refreshing and I know I will be recreating this one at home.

The second salad (and when I finally decided to whip out my camera) was the Harvest Chopped which came with squash, apple, pomegranate, goat cheese, walnuts and greens and topped with a balsamic vinaigrette.  I thoroughly enjoyed this salad as well (except for the walnuts since I am allergic) and loved the squash texture and flavor to the salad.

After the salad courses, we were presented with the Panang Curry, which came with tofu, potato, brown rice, broccoli, carrot, ginger and mushroom in a coconut milk broth.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t care too much for curry, so I only had a couple of bites.  It definitely had a fair amount of heat to it, and if you like spicy things, then this dish is for you.  The Englishman loved this dish which is saying something since he does not normally like tofu.  Well played, True Food.

Entree number two was the Grilled Albacore Slider with the Tuscan Kale Salad and Sweet Potato Hash.  I was particularly excited about this dish since I love the kale salad and sweet potato hash.  The grilled albacore came on a flax seed bun with avocado and wasabi mayonnaise and was delicious.  I loved that the albacore was seared and more on the raw side.

Finally it was time for the piece de resistance – dessert.  We were presented with three different desserts to share amongst the table, and I think it’s safe to say that they were all delicious based on the mmms around the table.  The first dessert I tried was the Squash Pie with coconut whipped cream.

Since I am a huge fan of pumpkin pie, I had a feeling I would like this dessert and I did.  The coconut whipped cream just took it over the top.  And if you are a vegan, then this dessert is definitely for you.

The next dessert was the Flourless Chocolate Cake, which I have had before and found it as tasty as ever.  If you have a gluten allergy, then this cake is definitely for you.  It’s made with 72% cocoa and is covered with caramel and vanilla ice cream.  Decadent indeed.

Last but not least was the Apple Crisp with Pecan Maple Ice Cream.   This definitely seemed to be the crowd favorite.  The apples were warm and the crisp topping melted in your mouth.  And I must figure out how to make pecan maple ice cream.

The best part of this meal is that everyone left pleasantly full but not feeling overstuffed or lethargic which often happens after big meals.  The dishes at True Food are so light and fresh that you can’t help but feel good after eating them.  I’m really glad I got to try a few new menu items and happy to report I have new favorites to add to the list.

Until we meet again True Food Kitchen!