Renegade Racing Santa Run

After blogging about it for a few weeks now, this past weekend I finally ran the Renegade Racing Santa Run.  While this wasn’t a race to get a PR time, I definitely got a PR in FUN.

This was the first race that the Englishman and I ran with a group of friends, and definitely something I want to do again in the future.  My friend from San Francisco flew down for the occasion and Karla from Foodologie joined us with her boyfriend and a couple of their friends.  Since we had a decent sized group, we decided to get into the holiday spirit by wearing antlers and becoming a “reindeer crew.”

Renegade Racing Santa RunAnd just for the record, running with antlers makes any race 10x more fun, even if the antlers kept falling off because of the wind.

As for the actual race itself, it was great seeing people dress up and get into the holiday spirit. My only complaint about the race would be that the 5K and 10K racers start at the same time and are running together until about 1.5 miles in so it got pretty congested at the beginning.  I think it would’ve been better to have the 10K group start a bit ahead of the 5K group so people weren’t trampling all over each other.

The course itself is a basic out and back through some paved/dirt trails in Irvine with a few small inclines scattered throughout.  There were some points on the trail that it felt a bit congested, but it thinned out pretty quick.

Santa Run MedalOverall this is a great race to run with friends and to help you get into the holiday spirit!  Every finisher got a Renegade Racing Santa Run medal too which I thought was awesome.

Even though my 10K training is done (for the moment), I’m going to keep posting running/race recaps as well as training updates as I figure out my next race.

Here’s this week’s update:

Monday:  6 mile run @ 9:17 pace

Tuesday: At Home WOD (100 pushups, 150 sit ups, 200 squats, 3 mile run) @8:47 pace

Wednesday: 3.45 mile run @ 9:08 pace

Thursday: Crossfit

Friday: Crossfit

Saturday: Santa Run! @10:45 pace

Sunday: Spinning

I need a new goal race for 2014.  Any suggestions?

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